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How Bisphosphonates Are Used For Osteoporosis Prevention

3 Oct 2017 г.

Osteoporosis is a complex disorder that greatly affects the life quality and is very difficult to treat. This disease means bone tissue thinning and destruction occurring due to metabolic disorders. Bones become thin and fragile; any physical action can case fractures.

What are the symptoms of osteoporosis?

At early stages, it is rather difficult to determine this disease. At first, it does not have any presentations, or the symptoms are similar to general malaise. Speaking about disease progression, there are distinguished the following factors:

  • pain in muscles and joints, which occurs in the spine, ribs, pelvis and significantly increases in case of physical activity;
  • appearance of spasms, which can especially occur at night;
  • fragility and loss of hair;
  • fragility and poor condition of nails;
  • periodontal disease;
  • frequent fractures;
  • constant fatigue, quick fatigue, poor overall health;
  • decrease of bone mass, which can be determined with the help of special medical testing.

What Mass Media Says About Bisphosphonates

What are the reasons of osteoporosis progression?

The greatest risk group is women after 45-50 years during menopause, when there are serious body and metabolic processes are disrupted. However, men and people of much younger age are also susceptible to the development of this disease. There are many reasons that can become risk factors:

  • strict diets or fasting;
  • increased physical activity;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • alcoholism and smoking (especially for men);
  • diseases of adrenal glands and thyroid gland;
  • anorexia, bulimia;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • cancer of prostate or mammary glands;
  • long-term intake of drugs of corticosteroid group;
  • rheumatoid arthritis

Cosmeceutical products with bisphosphonates of Repharm Company

How to treat osteoporosis

It is impossible to treat this disease using only one medical product. In such case, we are talking about a complex of products normalizing metabolism, slowing down the bone tissue destruction and promoting its recovery. Among the most effective medications that help fighting against osteoporosis are bisphosphonate-based drugs.

These elements are unique in their action and have no analogues. They not only help to stop the disease progression, but they can also normalize metabolism and restore bone tissue. Our bones are in process of constant renewal, which is based on the interaction of osteoclast and osteoblast cells: osteoclasts destroy bone, and osteoblasts renew it. In case of osteoporosis progression, the activity of the destroyers increases significantly, the regenerating cells no longer cope with their tasks. Bisphosphonates are capable of blocking the activity of osteoclasts, and creating the balance in this synthesis. In addition, bisphosphonate complexes in the basis of drugs provide a prominent analgesic effect, prevent salt accumulation, and provide antitumor effect.

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Dosage forms of products with bisphosphonates

In medicine, bisphosphonate-based medications are presented in form of pills, injections, ointments and creams. Repharm Company, the manufacturer of natural medical cosmetics, provides a series of bisphosphonate-based products, which have perfectly shown themselves in complex therapy during osteoporosis treatment. In comparison with pills or injections, medical and cosmetic products of Repharm Company have no side effects and contraindications, as well as they can be taken during a long period, which is especially important in the treatment of diseases of bones and joints.

The series includes the cream for active lifestyle Ca-VITACTIVE, KSIGEL Ca-control, KSIcream Ca-control and cream AKSINIA Ca-INTERACTIVE. These products are patented; they have passes long-term clinical tests and are recommended by the leading medical centers of the country.

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Bisphosphonic Products Bones and Joints Treatment

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