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    How is a birch tar used in cosmetics

    23 Jul 2017 г.

    Birch tar is a valuable natural product, which has been used as a medication for several centuries. Owing to its numerous advantages it is widely used in cosmetology, either for beauty procedures, or as an ingredient of cosmetic products. Cosmetologists consider a birch tar to be a cheap alternative to expensive cosmetics. The scientists found out that it contains about 10 000 useful substances.


    How is a birch tar produced

    A birch tar is produced of a birch bark by dry distillation. A bark is being oxidized under high temperature in a closed space, and the amount of its original benefits increases by far. In pharmacy it is used as an ingredient of many ointments, the well-known Vishnevsky and Konkov ointments, for instance, are made on the base of a birch tar. Traditional medicine and home cosmetology use it in natural form to treat open wounds, tumors, tuberculosis, otitis, edema, sore throat, fungus diseases, make facial masks with birch tar. In professional cosmetology a birch tar is a popular ingredient of many efficient cosmetic products for hair and skin care.


    Health properties of a birch tar

    A birch tar contains substances similar to antibiotics by their formula. But unlike medicinal drugs made of synthetic components, a birch tar is a natural product. A number of its positive features is the following:

    • disinfectant;
    • analgetic;
    • antipruritic;
    • antiseptic;
    • reabsorbing;

    Having so many positive properties, a birch tar effectively cures various skin diseases:

    • diathesis;
    • eczema;
    • lichen;
    • psoriasis;
    • seborrhea;
    • skin itching;
    • various dermatitis;
    • cutaneous eruptions.

    Cosmetic products with a birch tar by Repharm

    • Birch Tar Peptide Shower Gel for Women

      340 руб.
    • Birch Tar Peptide Shower Gel for Men 2 in 1

      360 руб.

    How does a birch tar help in hair care

    Shampoos, balsams and hair masks with tar help to solve a number of serious hair problems, which normal cosmetics can’t manage with:

    • stop hair loss;
    • regulate cellular metabolism of the sculp;
    • normalize the activity of oil glands;
    • fight with excessive oiliness;
    • disinfect the sculp;
    • relieve irritation and itching;
    • remove dandruff;
    • regenerate sculp cells.


    How does a birch tar help in skin care

    Owing to its powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action, a birch tar is highly effective to care about problem skin. This product can solve the following problems:

    • regenerates skin cells;
    • normalizes the activity of oil glands;
    • effectively disinfects;
    • dries acne;
    • has anti-inflammatory action;
    • cleanses enlarged pores;
    • prevents inflammatory processes;
    • removes acne.

    The Repharm company offers a large series of efficient and natural birch tar cosmetics. It includes shampoos, hair balsams, shower gels. The positive properties of tar, herbal extracts, natural oils and vitamins are complemented by peptide compounds, which regenerate skin and hair cells.

    Cosmetic products with a birch tar by Repharm

    • Birch Tar Peptide Shampoo for Women

      350 руб.
    • Birch Tar Recovering Peptide Hair Balsam

      360 руб.
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