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    The Best Moisturizing and Nourishing Body Creams

    8 Oct 2017 г.

    Body skin is not as sensitive as facial skin, but it also requires the corresponding care. Body cream should be constantly present in every woman cosmetic bag. Body skin care products are divided into certain categories according to their task: moisturizing, nutrition, getting rid of stretch marks, fighting against cellulite, tanning lotion and after-sun lotion, massage cream, etc.

    There are also field-specific creams for solving certain problems. When you choose a cream, you should pay attention to the basic care product, and the obligatory minimum of skin care is hydration and nutrition. Creams of this category not only maintain the required moisture level, saturate it with nutrients, but also prevent the progression of premature skin aging, which can result in flabbiness, stretch marks on the breast, hips and abdomen.


    What are the factors worsening body skin?

    Many people recklessly believe that body skin because it is constantly under the clothes is considered protected from the effects of negative factors. However, it is so far from reality. Many factors can worsen its condition:

    • clothes made of unnatural fabrics create a barrier for full skin breathing, the pores are not cleaned and saturated with oxygen;
    • hard tap water excessively dries the skin;
    • the strongest irritants are sun rays, sea salt and chlorinated pool water. They significantly increase the risk of premature skin aging;
    • despite the fact that the body skin is protected by clothes, it is equally affected by temperature changes in winter and central heating, making it dry, peeling and lifeless;
    • malnutrition, lack of vitamins, unbalanced diets, some diseases of internal organs significantly worsen the skin condition;
    • constant stress and nervous tension can also cause skin flabbiness and dryness.

    Moisturizing and nourishing cream will help your skin to reduce the effect of negative factors, form a barrier against moisture evaporation, and fill it with essential nutrients.

    Body cream 5 oils Royal Body Cream of Repharm Company

    • 5 Oils Royal Body Cream for Swimmers

      € 9.02

    What moisturizing and nourishing cream is better for body

    Products based on natural essential oils cope with the tasks of body skin nourishing and moisturizing best of all. Their correct, balanced composition not only contributes to skin moisturizing and nourishing, but also allows solving narrower, local problems: prevents from stretch marks and scars, soothes irritated skin and fixes the tan, is excellent for massage, reduces the aggressive effect of chlorinated pool water.

    Royal body cream  is the development of the local manufacturer of natural, medicinal phyto-cosmetics of the Institute of pharmaceutical reagents Repharm. The active product composition is represented by a complex of the most valuable and useful essential oils that comprehensively care for the skin. Among them are coconut, argan, jojoba, shea butter and almond oils. They provide deep skin hydration and nutrition. Essential oils of mandarin, lemon, juniper, rosemary and ficus extract have a toning effect, prevent from flabbiness and premature aging. The caffeine removes toxins and stagnant liquid. Royal body cream possesses light texture and is quickly absorbed.

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