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Which Baby Cream Helps to Heal Diaper Rush

18 Sep 2017 г.

Diaper rush is a common issue on baby skin and its appearance doesn’t depend on the poor hygiene. Diaper rush can occur without regard to timely bathing and diaper change. Baby skin has specificity is related to the unbalanced metabolic processes and the absence of the hydrolipid layer on the skin surface, which cannot protect from the diaper rush even during minor overheating and contact with a hard cloth.

Preventing and healing diaper rush should be paid special attention to because of disturbance, itching and scratching it can cause to baby.


What kind of diaper rush can occur?

Diaper rush is a skin inflammation appeared due to wet abrasion. Areas prone to the diaper rush are cervical folds, axillary area, groin and buttocks. There are some stages of the diaper rush depending on the depth of the lesion:

  • Slight redness and irritations;
  • Redness becomes pronounced, there are obvious cracks and pustules on the skin;
  • Redness of the skin is accompanied by the large number of weeping abscesses and cracks, which can turn into erosion. If treatment is not timely, ulcers may occur.


Diaper rush is not only dangerous with unpleasant sense and discomfort but possible developing of the secondary infection. It may require medical intervention and clinical treatment.

Frequently irritations may develop under diaper because of the prolonged contact of baby sensitive skin with wet cloth. The following reason can also cause diaper rush:

  • Long exposure on the hot air;
  • Wet skin after bathing;
  • Rubbing of the synthetic or rough cloth;
  • Individual allergy on the washing powder or laundry detergent.

Baby cosmetic products by Repharm

Baby cream for preventing and healing diaper rush

If diaper rush has extensive character, some medical treatment should be taken. But slight sings of diaper rush can be replaced by simple cosmetical baby cream.

Beneficial baby cream should contain natural ingredients for nourishing and moisturizing baby skin and antiseptic and healing effect like D-panthenol, herbal extracts of calendula or chamomile, vitamins and natural essential oils. Such a baby cream may take care of sensitive baby skin and heal if irritation occur.

Russian cosmetic manufacturer Repharm offer perfect baby cream with peach kernel oil. This product passed through medical trials, got many good responses from parents and is recommended by leading medical centers in Russia.

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