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Why a foot cream formula should contain natural ingredients?

2 Aug 2017 г.

Our feet have the most calloused skin of all skin areas of our body. But it doesn’t mean that they are not vulnerable to negative influence and that they don’t need care. If the feet don’t get moisturized and nourished, their skin becomes dry. There won’t appear wrinkles, of course, but there is a high risk of cracks and clavuses, which not only look unattractive, but may also cause pain. That’s why it is very important to pay attention to your feet, at least you may use a total care foot cream regularly.


What tasks should a foot cream perform

A good foot cream should serve a large number of purposes, unlike the other creams for face, body and hands care:

  • antibacterial and antiperspirant action — the feet are much more vulnerable to exposure of pathogenic organisms and to the risk of various fungal and infectious diseases. Experts made a research and found out that even in clean shoes there are more germs than on a dishwashing sponge. This is a reason of a bad odor. A germicidal action of a foot cream kills pathogenic organisms, thus preventing unpleasant odor;
  • anti-inflammatory action — uncomfortable and low-quality shoes may cause raw sores, clavuses, irritation. A good foot cream has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect;
  • stimulation of blood circulation — is one of the main functions of a foot cream. Its components improve and increase skin metabolism, activate blood circulation, saturate with oxygen, which contributes to skin regeneration;
  • softening action — any foot cream should soften calloused skin to prevent cracks and clavuses;
  • relief of fatigue — active ingredients of a foot cream cause soothing and cooling effect.

Foot cream by Repharm

What ingredients should a foot cream contain

A foot cream should be consisted of mainly natural ingredients. Natural substances take a pronounced positive effect on the skin, while synthetic components may have just a superficial influence. Besides that, natural formula guarantees the absence of negative influence and side effects of chemicals.

Among the most powerful ingredients of a foot cream are the following:

  • against microcracks: lanolin, panthenol, retinol, tocopherol, Aloe Vera, absinthe, conifer extracts;
  • to reduce extra perspiration: peppermint, tea tree, lavender extracts, menthol, retinol, tocopherol;
  • to prevent development of clavuses and callosity: olive, lavender oils, salicylic, boric acids;
  • to relieve fatigue: horse chestnut extract, lavender oil, absinthe, peppermint extracts, menthol;
  • to improve blood circulation: horse chestnut and absinthe extracts, camphor, olive oil.

Apart from a well-balanced complex of natural ingredients, such as horse chestnut and absinthe extracts, olive and lavender oils, salicylic and boric acids, a foot cream by the Repharm company contains a unique bisphosphonate complex. Bisphosphonates activate metabolic processes on a cellular level and prevent salt deposit. Horse chestnut extract strengthens blood vessels, reduces capillary permeability, removes inflammation and edema. Absinthe extract contains a lot of useful substances and microelements, which heal microcracks and prevent their development. The cream relieves fatigue, softens and nourishes the skin, cleanses and disinfects.

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