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    How Calcium Can Help Prevent Aging

    12 Sep 2017 г.

    Balanced metabolic exchange of microelements is a key factor of normal functioning of internal organs in common. So, the essential part of modern medicine and cosmetology is correction of metabolic disorders, the most crucial of which are calcium exchange related disorders and conditions. As specialists claim, aging is a main cause of their developing. 50% of people have different issues with calcium disbalancing by 40 years and 90% by 60.


     The main role of calcium in the human body

    Calcium takes on of the leading places in human body after hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and sodium. Calcium is a mediator and regulator of many intracellular metabolic processes.

    • Skeleton, teeth, nails and hair are made of calcium. Our bones have also function of a calcium storage, this is where this element is taken then body has lack of calcium feed;
    • Calcium is responsible for the correct neural signals transmitting, that influence on the correct functioning of brain, memory, heartbeat, blood vessel tone;
    • Calcium regulates muscle functioning and some intracellular processes;
    • Calcium influences on the hormone functioning;
    • Calcium supports skin health and prevents aging.

    Calcium is extremely important for the entire human body. In the first instance its shortage badly influences on the skeleton because every calcium disbalance is restored from the bone tissue. This process may develop some bones and joints conditions difficult for treatment.

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    Calcium influence on the skin appearance

    Calcium plays very important role for the skin health. Skin elasticity, moisture capacity, resistance to the negative external influence depend on the correct calcium balance. Lack of calcium can cause some unwanted consequences:

    • Skin dryness;
    • Rising of sensory threshold to the negative external influence;
    • Breaking the collagen and elastin fibers, loosing elasticity and wrinkles’ occurring;
    • Slowing the cells restoring;
    • Reducing the intracellular metabolic processes;
    • Reducing the fibroblasts activity, which responsible for collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid producing;
    • Reducing of the blood vessels tone and lymph drainage activity.

    Bisphosphonic cosmetic products by Repharm have shown high efficacy level in the calcium exchange regulation, treating some bones’ and joints’ issues, supporting skin health and beauty. Russian cosmetic manufacturer Repharm offers a line of calcium-regulating cosmetic products, that passed through the medical trials and proved their efficacy in practical use.

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