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    What is Right Way of Doing Wrapping With Anti-cellulite Cream?

    4 Oct 2017 г.

    Cellulite is not a problem that cause any pain or even the slightest discomfort; however, it always brings so many unpleasant minutes, worries as well as causes bad mood. There is not a single woman all over the world who would not dream of getting rid of cellulite, except for those who do not have it, and as statistics show, there are rather few of them. There are many methods of fighting against the orange peel. Among them are fitness, diets, massage, plastic surgery, traditional treatment and the basic use of cosmetic anti-cellulite products. One of the most effective method is anti-cellulite wrapping.


    How anti-cellulite wrapping functions

    The procedure effectiveness depends on several factors: the degree of cellulite progression, the product composition used for wrapping, and the systematic nature of the procedures. It has been proven that in case of the first and second stages of “orange peel” progression, the wrapping shows a prominent result after 4-5 sessions. If the problem has been neglected, you should not expect a positive effect after several procedures, but it is not the matter to be upset. Patience, assertiveness and the systematic nature will work even in case of aggravated situation.

    It is better to do anti-cellulite complexes in sessions: 2 weeks after 2 weeks. You can repeat this system endlessly.

    The wrapping effectiveness provides a greenhouse effect, due to which the effect of the active components of the anti-cellulite product used during the procedure is greatly enhanced. The wrapping enhances blood circulation, promotes the outflow of stagnant intercellular liquid, removes toxins and slags, activates the nutrition of subcutaneous layers, accelerates metabolism. The fat is split and excreted, the skin is smoothed, toned and do not resemble a baked apple any more.

    Anti-cellulite products of Repharm Company

    The anti-cellulite creams contain enhanced caffeine concentration to reach anti-cellulite effect. Caffeine may form whiskers, which instantly dissolve while rubbing the cream in the skin.

    • 90-60-90 Anti-Cellulite Cream with Essential Oils

      € 3.49
    • Peptidele Anti-Cellulite Peptide Cream

      € 7.65

    How to carry out anti-cellulite wrapping correctly

    The procedure effectiveness largely depends on the correctness of its implementation. Keep in mind the following rules while doing wrapping:

    • first, prepare everything you need for wrapping: anti-cellulite cream, food or any plastic wrap, clothes from natural materials, woolen blanket. If you have enough money, you can purchase special anti-cellulite clothing: thermal shorts and belt. They will enhance the effect;
    • cosmetologists strongly recommend preparing your body before wrapping: do not eat an hour before and two hours after the procedure. In addition, increased liquid intake will help remove toxins. Drink 2 liters of water. Start drinking it an hour before wrapping, and continue the process during several hours;
    • before the procedure, take a shower or a bath, it will help you to get rid of sweat particles and dirt that impede the penetration of cream active components into the skin deep layers. You can also use scrub or peeling in problem areas, it will increase the procedure effectiveness. They open the pores and thereby enhance the positive effect;
    • after a shower, you can do light massage of problem areas during 10-15 minutes, which significantly improves blood circulation;
    • the anti-cellulite products are applied with dense layer over the problem arears, and then these areas are wrapped by the film, while it should not squeeze the skin. Then you should put on the prepared clothes and lie down under the blanket;
    • the procedure, as a rule, lasts half an hour, if the product manufacturer has not recommended another time;
    • if you do cold wrapping, then the procedure is the same, but you do not require putting on warm clothes and wrapping yourself in the blanket. The procedure can last up to an hour and a half;
    • the procedure ends up with removal of the film and taking the shower. At the same time, massage problem areas. Do not use soap and washcloth. The remaining product will continue its effect in a measured, gentle mode.

    If you are looking for anti-cellulite product for wrapping, we will recommend the anti-cellulite series of creams of Repharm Company: Peptidele, Pepper Thermo massage and 90-60-90. They belong to the category of medical cosmetics with natural composition of the most useful ingredients in fight against cellulite. These products have passed clinical tests and have received a large number of positive reviews from both beauty salon specialists and ordinary users.

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