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    Baby Cream for Adults: Pros and Cons

    9 Oct 2017 г.

    Everybody knows that baby cream is most natural cosmetic product. It consists only of the most useful hypoallergenic components and gently cares for your skin. Therefore, many adults often use it. Of course, there are many benefits of baby cream for the skin of an adult too, but you should take into account some moments. The structure of baby skin is significantly different from the structure of adult person.


    What are the benefits of baby cream for adult skin?

    The active composition of quality baby cream consists of natural ingredients such as animal fats and vegetable oils, plant extracts, lanolin, glycerin, and d-panthenol. It provides a wide range of positive effects for the skin of an adult person:

    • skin becomes soft and velvety;
    • moisturizes and prevents dryness and irritation;
    • temporarily provides firmness and resilience;
    • provides protection against outdoors negative influences: sun, wind, low temperatures, heating;
    • relieves inflammation and redness;
    • helps to smooth out small stretch marks and scars;
    • effectively removes sores in the corners of mouth.

    However, if there were so many positive effects of the baby cream for the adult skin, then the problem of choosing special creams for the skin care would not appear at all. There are pitfalls, which you should know and keep in mind.


    How baby cream can be dangerous for adult skin

    Once again, it should be mentioned that the inner processes occurring in the skin of adult person and child are significantly different. The immune function of the baby skin has not been formed yet, moisture evaporates rather quickly, and the skin itself cannot cope with the negative effects of the environment. The leading purpose of the baby cream for a baby is to create reliable protection and prevent the progression of redness, inflammation, peeling and other unpleasant presentation, to which the sensitive baby skin is impacted. However, despite the lack of immunity and natural protective barrier, the renewal of baby skin is many times more active than that of an adult. On the contrary, these processes slow down with age, but, at the same time, the natural protection function is rather effective.

    Thus, due to the prominent ability to form a dense lipid film on the skin surface, baby cream can harm the mature epidermis. Such created shell can clog the pores of adult skin, slows down metabolic processes, and prevents the removal of toxins and slags, which can result in face swelling, redness and acne. In addition, the baby cream effect has nothing in common with anti-age changes.

    Baby Cream and Baby Oil by Repharm

    • Baby Oil with Peach Kernel Oil, 200 ml

      400 руб.
    • Baby Cream with Peach Kernel Oil, 50 g

      200 руб.

    How to use baby cream for adult skin correctly

    All of the above mentioned “pros” and “cons” pf the use of baby cream for adults do not mean that you should not use it at all. In such situation, you should know when to stop. Of course, such product will not be suitable for constant daily care. However, baby cream cam be very effective in solving many problems of adult skin. Among them are skin dryness, peeling, acne, rashes, stretch marks, and scars, pigment stains. If you want to eliminate them, use baby cream in courses of 5 to 10 days.

    The manufacturer of natural high-quality phyto-cosmetics, Repharm Company, among the assortment of medical and cosmetic products, offers a series of baby cosmetics: baby oil and baby cream based on the most valuable peach and grape seed oils. The products contain all the most useful and necessary elements for baby skin, and they can be used for additional care and solution of certain problems of adult skin. The products of such series have passed clinical tests and are recommended for use by the leading baby medical centers of the country.

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