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    What are Useful Components of Protective Winter Face Cream?

    13 Oct 2017 г.

    In winter, the skin care requires fundamental amendments. Even women with oily or mixed skin types have noticed how dry, pale and irritated their skin becomes during the cold period. There is a great variety of the factors causing such changes. Among them are a frosty wind and low outdoors temperatures, dry air at home, and a natural slowdown of biological processes. As a result, the skin loses precious moisture, it greatly suffers a shortage of vitamins and nutrients, and it requires protection.


    How to properly take care of your skin in winter

    The leading place in the arrangement of the winter skin care should be devoted to the cream choice. If in summer we actively moisturize the skin, then in winter we should nourish and protect it. Thus, the main place in the cosmetic bag during such period should belong to the nourishing creams based on natural essential oils and vitamins, as well as to the saturated protective creams, which have a dense texture and are based on natural animal fats. In addition, you should also reconsider the basic procedures of skin care:

    • if your priority goes to the protection and nutrition, you should not forget about skin moisturizing. All moisturizing creams are divided into two groups: those that attract moisture from the environment, and those that form a protective layer on the skin and prevent its evaporating. In winter, your priority should go to the latter type. It is better to apply moisturizing cream in the evening or long before going outdoors;
    • the skin cleansers should not contain alcohol. In addition, you even should replace them with softer ones. For example, if you have oily skin, and in summer, you use the cleanser, lotion, micellar water for your skin type, then in winter it is better to use products for combination or dry skin. If you have dry skin, then use the products for sensitive skin;
    • you should make nourishing and moisturizing masks more often than in summer: 2-3 times per week, while the number of peeling procedures should be reduced – once per week will be enough for oily skin and once per two weeks for dry skin;
    • choosing the protective product, you should pay attention to the fact that they are divided into two groups: for makeup base and for active protection in extreme conditions (cold creams), which should not be applied under makeup foundation and powder;
    • the protective cream should be applied 40-60 minutes before going outdoors. Due to the dense texture, it requires some time to absorb and become active. After this time, remove the residues of the cream with the cosmetic napkin, as they can cause clogging of the pores.

    Protective winter care products of Repharm Company

    • Mink Fur Face Cream Sun Wind Frost Protection, 50 g

      € 4.03
    • Polar Mountain Ointment Sun Wind Frost Protection, 50 g

      € 3.45

    What components should be included in the protective winter cream

    The basis of the protective and nourishing winter creams should include fatty components of natural origin. They not only nourish and protect the skin, but they also have a prominent cicatrizing effect, as in winter skin micro cracks are rather common thing. Mink oil, olive oil, corn oil, soybean oil, grape seed oil, almond oil, sea buckthorn oil, rose hip oil provide excellent nutrition and protection effect. The vitamin complexes of such creams provide deep nutrition and regulate the metabolic processes. In winter the most useful vitamins are E, A, F. The extracts from medicinal plants such as aloe vera, calendula, hypericum, and milfoil provide a prominent cicatrizing effect. Such natural elements as peptides and bisphosphonates of creams normalize metabolism, restore damaged cells and prevent the progression of skin aging processes, which are caused by the influence of negative external factors.

    Protective and nourishing creams of Repharm Company such as “Mink Fur Face Cream” and “Polar” ointment have excellent proven themselves in winter care. Their active components include the most useful elements necessary for winter care. The creams of this series perfectly protect against temperature extremes, wind and frost, prevent skin flaking and irritation, its dehydration, as well as saturate it with useful substances and microelements.

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