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Baby Cream for Massaging

28 Aug 2017 г.

Massaging is a beneficial procedure for baby that makes him or her healthy and strong. Massaging requires a special massaging baby cream that can prevent smooth baby skin from irritation and redness occurring. Good cream can also boost the beneficial effect of massaging, moisturize and nourish skin with nutrients and prevent negative weather influence. These are the most important baby cream features that make sense for babies’ parents.


What ingredients should massage baby cream contain?

The hero ingredients of baby creams are usually natural oils and herbal extracts like the following:

  • Olive and soy oils are rich of nourishments and vitamins, they can bend moisture in the skin depth, balance lipid exchange, soothe, moisturize and prevent exfoliating, reduce irritations;
  • Peach and grape seeds’ oils have anti-oxidant features, contain a wide range of vitamins and phospholipids, nourish skin, create a protective lipid barrier, soothe and smooth baby skin;
  • Lanolin is structurally similar to the human’s sebum so it is safe and effective. It heals skin cracks and wounds and prevents their occurring;
  • Glycerin is a powerful skin moisturizer, it creates a barrier to prevent TEWL, reduces irritations, redness and exfoliating;
  • Chamomile regulates the skin greasiness, moisturizes, stabilize the sebum glands’ functioning, smooths skin and protects it from the harsh environment influence;
  • Calendula has an anti-inflammatory anti-microbial and antiseptic effect, heals skin scratches and cracks, relaxes irritated skin;
  • Vitamins complex provides skin with nourishments and useful substances;
  • D-panthenol creates protective barrier, reduces irritations and inflammatory, heals injured skin.

Baby cosmetic products by Repharm

What ingredients should NOT massage baby cream contain?

Choosing a baby massage creams and the other baby products remember that they should not contain a list of certain ingredients like parabens, fats of artificial nature, paraffine emulsifiers, petrochemicals, alcohol, strong odorants. All the ingredient should be natural.


What to pay attention to while choosing massage baby cream?

  • In the first instance pay attention to the expiration date. It should be written clearly without signs of changing and be not overdue. You should better avoid buying baby cosmetics that expires shortly, it can be dangerous because of the possible inappropriate storage conditions;
  • Buying baby creams in the drug-stores can guarantee its legal origin and proper certification;
  • Primary packaging should be closed with the foil to prevent possible microbial contamination;


Which cosmetic producer to choose?

Choose the proven manufacturer of natural cosmetic products whose creams have perfect recommendations from customers. The Repharm company is a Russian cosmetic manufacturer of the cosmeceutical products with more than 20-year experience on the cosmetic market. Repharm offers a baby cosmetic series for a complex baby skincare including massaging. All cosmetic products by Repharm passed through medical trials and have all the needed certification documents.

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