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    Beneficial Ingredients for Anticellulite Cream

    20 Sep 2017 г.

    Cellulite is a skin issue that can occur regardless of the age, weight and body shape. Of course, excessive weight is additional risk factor, but normal weight also does not guarantee immunity to cellulite. As statistics claims, every fourth older 15 and every women after30 has this problem.

    Cellulite usually develops due to the metabolic disbalance in the subcutaneous layer, which can change the fat tissue structure and make it lumpy. The reasons of metabolic disorders may relate to hormonal changes, menopause, heredity, pregnancy, age. But more often women create conditions for cellulite developing themselves by practicing sedentary lifestyle, drinking alcohol, smoking, wearing high heels and tight clothes, unhealthy dieting full of fats, fries and pastries.


    How to use anticellulite cream

    It is difficult to get rid of cellulite on the latest stages of its developing without special anticellulite procedures sporting and dieting, but on the early stages it would be enough just to do some workout in combination with an anticellulite cream.

    Anticellulite cream is good choice not only for fighting orange peel, but for weight loss, shaping, tightening skin and preventing these conditions. Its principle of action is based on the splitting large fat molecule into the smaller ones and excreting them due to the blood stream boosting. Besides that, anticellulite creams are capable of excreting stagnated liquids from subcutaneous layers and muscle tissues and boost blood circulation and metabolic processes to prevent fat depositing.

    Efficacy of anticellulite cream depends on its correct application. The main rule is to apply it systematically by courses daily in the morning and in the evening during some weeks.

    Anticellulite cream should be applied after shower on the cleansed skin. Scrubbing, wrapping and massaging can dramatically improve the active components’ efficacy. Cream will work harder being applied on the skin before workout.

    Anticellulite creams by Repharm

    The creams contain highly concentrated caffeine for boosting anti-cellulite effect, which may promote crystal whiskers. They instantly dissolve while rubbing the cream in the skin.

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    What ingredients should anticellulite cream contain

    Fast-acting and most efficient ingredients in the anticellulite cream composition are the following:

    • Caffeine for excreting fat from subcutaneous layer;
    • Red pepper and camphor for boosting blood circulation;
    • Horse chestnut extract for boosting metabolic processes;
    • Kelp for excreting excessive liquid from muscle tissues;
    • Ginger for drainage and preventing stretching;
    • Essential oils of lemon, geranium, sage, cedar, eucalyptus etc. for enhancing skin tone, nourishing, softening, making in bouncy and elastic;
    • Bisphosphonates for balancing intracellular metabolic processes;
    • Peptides for splitting fat tissue and excreting it from the blood.

    Russian cosmetic manufacturer Repharm designed a series of anticellulite creams based on the bisphosphonates and peptides. These cosmetic products successfully passed through medical trials and got perfect reviews from customers, medicals and cosmetic professionals.

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