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    Interview with Natalya Seraya, Chairman of Moscow Ice Swimmers Club

    11 Aug 2017 г.

    Repharm Company as the leader of the Russian cosmeceutical market offers high quality, natural medical and cosmetic products and strives to unite like-minded people, for whom health is the main value. Among the friends of Repharm Company is Moscow Club of winter swimming, which is widely known in Russia and abroad.
    The chairman of the Club and two-time Russian record-breaker in winter swimming, Natalya Seraya will tell us about their club in details and share the secrets of how to set the world record crossing the Bering Strait, and stay in icy water during 32 minutes 27 seconds.


    — Natalya, you are the chairman of the Club, and devote almost all your time to this activity. Cold training has become your mode of life. How did you come to this?

    I should be grateful to my parents. My mother considered that the well-being of the family was the most important thing in our life, and under the guidance of my father, from the school age, I ran every morning “over myself”. He always taught me to be stronger over my weak spots. My father was engaged in winter swimming during 15 years. Once he offered me. I thought, “Why not?” Firstly, the water in the ice hole seemed scalding, but then I experienced the bliss and very strong desire to continue developing this experience.


    —You have already overcome all your weak spots; the bright proof is your achievements. People call you a unique woman. You have even set the world record crossing the impregnable Bering Strait in September 2013. What did you feel?

    It was the first International Intercontinental Swim across the Bering Strait, the length of which was 134 kilometers. Sixty-six sportsmen from 17 countries fought against this force of nature during 6 days. Sportsmen spent three years for organization and preparation. During the swim, we had to deal with strong waves, the height of which sometimes reached 4-5 meters, icy wind of 10-15 m/s, as well as thick fog. The water temperature ranged from +2 to +8 degrees. The conquest of the Bering Strait for swimmers is as the conquest of Everest for rock climbers. I am very happy that I coped with it. By the way, I was the only sportsman from Moscow who could do it!


    — Tell us about the Club, what are the objectives of organizers?

    The health of every person is the key asset of Russia! It is the motto of our Club. While the main objective is to make Russia a country of healthy people, to show people the shortest way to their health improvement via winter swimming. The active members of the Club are experienced swimmers in the sphere of winter swimming and healthy lifestyle who regularly compete in winter swimming and open water swimming, as well as in extreme sports. During many years of experience, we have proven that diseases recede in front of the powerful force of icy water, and thus, you trigger the rejuvenation mechanisms of the whole body. Now we would like to share our experience with as many people as possible.


    — Who forms of the Club and who can become its member?

    The Club consists of people of different ages and professions. These are swimmers, experienced marathon runners, cyclists, all-round sportsmen, stuntmen and simply lovers of healthy lifestyle. In addition, our young Club has already become a “family” one for many of our members. Children from two years can regularly bathe in the cold plunge pool. Parents swim with their children under the guidance of our experienced ice swimmers. Everyone can become the member of our Club. We invite you!

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    — How does the cold training process look like? Is it just swimming in icy water?

    It is a huge complex of procedures: running barefoot on the snow at a distance of many kilometers, dousing with water, rubbing with snow, diving into snowbanks. In addition, we add to cold training and winter swimming such sports as triathlon, cycling, aquathlon, and mountaineering throughout the year.


    — Following the Club motto, you take an active social position. What kind of social events do you organize?

    We have launched a cold training school for children and adults, and we hold annual Ice Swimmers Competitions. In addition, we held a unique meeting for cold training of service members in one of the military bases, a national holiday in the water area of the Kotovsky Bay with a show program and swims in icy water. Our Club opened the great triumph of skiers and amateurs in Yakhroma – “Ski Track of Russia-2015”. Throughout the year, we organize various city events with the participation of all comers in the ice hole of the Kirovsky floodplain of The Moskva. The schedule of these events you can find on our website.


    — In addition to the extreme swim across the Bering Strait, what achievements of the Club members can you note?

    We take active part in regional and international events. Our Club has already made itself known to the world with its victories; the names of our ice swimmers are inscribed in the history of winter swimming.
    Our Club holds two Russian records in women’s marathon of winter swimming. Our ice swimmers took part in the largest international competitions that have been held in Russia in recent years. These were competitions of the First, Second and Third Open Cups of Tyumen. In December 2014, our ice swimmers brought 4 medals (2 gold medals) from Tyumen. At Winter Swimming World Championships 2014 in Rovaniemi, Finland, we won a silver medal in marathon of winter swimming. We won the Belarus Winter Swimming Cup “Belgart OPEN-2017”.


    — One of your recent personal and Club’s victories is the conquest of Elbrus. At the top, you raised the flag of the Ice Swimmers

    Club and the flag of Repharm Company. During the ascent of the mountain, you actively used its products. Did it help you during such extreme event?
    I would like to notice that these products are of the highest quality. In 2017, testing of Repharm products was carried out in icy water of the ice-hole of our club and during the expedition to Elbrus. It was tested in conditions of alpine ascents and descents, scalding mountain sun, overcoming of the passes of advanced category of difficulty, crossing mountain rivers with icy water, gusty and piercing icy wind, blizzard, snowstorm, snow and ice, on the dead glaciers of the highest mountain peak in Europe. We used natural calcium regulating cream for joints and muscles after heavy loads, “Polar” ointment for protection against the piercing wind and cold, lip balm with peptides for protection of delicate skin of lips from chapping and sunburn. Reviews of all sportsmen are only positive.


    I would like to thank Repharm Company for the support of our sportsmen and local products of the highest quality for preserving our health!


    We, in our turn, would like to thank Natalya Aleksandrovna for the detailed information, active popularization of healthy lifestyle and sports and would also like to wish her new victories! You can find more information on the activities of the Ice Swimmers of the Capital – the Club of cold training and winter swimming on their website “Ice Swimmers of the Capital” Club.

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