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    The Shampoo for the Teenager’s Greasy Hair

    13 Jul 2019 г.

    The teens acne is not the only problem that young people face up with during the period of growth. The body renovating caused by hormonal changes affect not only the skin condition, but the hair as well. Increased greasiness, dandruff, itching, lack of natural shine and brittleness – all these negative symptoms of puberty are very common. The hygiene and use of proper cosmetic products help to solve these problems.


    How to care for teenager’s hair

    Due to the hormone’s activity, the teenager’s skin sebaceous glands work boosts and their sebum level increases. So, it is not surprising that their hair becomes greasy after a while. Besides that, the hair becomes fatty near the roots, brittle and lifeless at their tips.

    The most common mistake that young people make trying to fix a problem is over washing their heads. The hygiene is necessary, but in an effort to look attractive teenagers start to wash their heads every day and even twice a day, and this is a mistake. Frequent washing eliminates not only impurities, but the protective lipid layer of the skin as well.

    Without the natural immunity, skin can’t cope with the pathogenic bacteria and gets fat even more intensively so thus a vicious circle is taking place: the frequent wash leads the intensive greasiness. The cosmetologists recommend to wash the head twice a week. If it is impossible, wash your head every other day.

    The common mistakes of teenagers in caring for their hair are the following:

    • frequent thermal influence, use of a hair dryer and curling iron;
    • excessive use of silicone-based modeling agents;
    • use hot water while washing hair;
    • use of unproper cosmetic products by composition and purpose. What is good for mature hair can harm young scalp and hair;
    • mechanical damage to the hair and scalp (twisting, combing wet hair, damaging scalp with the nails);
    • prolonged sun exposure without a headdress. It should be remembered that the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation boosts affecting the wet hair.

    The teenager’s shampoos by Repharm

    • PepTeens Teen’s Peptide Shampoo for Boys, 200 ml

      € 3.91
    • PepTeens Teen’s Peptide Shampoo for Girls, 200 ml

      € 3.91

    What shampoos use for the teen hair care?

    Shampoos and balms for the problematic teenage scalp care and hair should contain as few silicones and parabens as possible. The best cosmetics for teen hair care are the medicinal and cosmetic products based on the natural ingredients. These products are frequently sold in the pharmacies. The most effective substances in teen shampoos are the following:

    • extracts of chamomile, nettle, calendula;
    • aloe vera gel;
    • d-panthenol;
    • peptides;
    • burdock, castor, olive oils;
    • salicylic and citric acid;
    • birch tar.

    The Repharm teenage shampoo PepTeens series effect is not only aimed at the external scalp and hair problems reducing, but also at the internal processes’ regulation. The main ingredient in PepTeens shampoos is a water-soluble peptide that effectively regulates the sebaceous glands functioning, normalizes the excess sebum secretion, regenerates the scalp, strengthens hair follicles and stimulates hair growth. This is complemented by herbal extracts, d-panthenol and citric acid.

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