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    Royal Body Cream 5 Oils and Its Utilization

    10 Sep 2017 г.

    Body cream is a must-have cosmetic product for every woman in her make-up bag along with the hand and face cream. Body skin is prone to the aging signs due to the negative environment influence like long sun exposition, hot bath and shower, sunbed exposition or use of the water pool that can bring skin to the drying, dehydration, exfoliating, redness and swelling. Beneficial body cream provides skin with complex skincare, protects it from weathering, supports its youth and beauty, nourishes and moisturizes.


    How to apply a body cream?

    Body creams as well as face cream should be applied continuously for reaching a proper effect. Here are some rules by cosmetic specialists to take care of entire body skin:

    • Use body cream after every bath or shower to restore the lipid film on the skin surface that helps prevent skin dryness or irritation. Cream should be applied on the dry or wet skin;
    • Application of the body cream after bathing, sunbed or sun exposure is highly recommended, it can help save skin healthy and good-looking and restore water loss after these procedures. Applying body cream after beach or sunbed can relax irritated skin, reduce redness, prevent exfoliating and help save the suntan. Don’t forget to wash off the salted or chlorinated water remains before using body cream;
    • Home peeling also needs body cream application after the peeling procedure that boosts its beneficial effect. New skin cleansed from the dead cells is more sensitive to the nourishments and moisturizing;
    • Don’t apply body cream on the face or neck skin. Beneficial ingredients in the body cream are essential oils which can lead the pore clogging or irritation. The y can also have photosensitizing power which can lead unwanted pigmentation;
    • Frequency of use depends on the skin type. Normal and oily skin require cream application after every bathing, dry skin requires morning and evening application, twice a day.

    Royal cream for swimmers “5 Oils” by Repharm

    • 5 Oils Royal Body Cream for Swimmers, 150 ml

      € 9.43

    Benefits of Royal cream Repharm for swimmers

    Body cream Royal 5 Oils by Repharm is a natural cosmetic product for body skincare with the most effective essential oils in its composition that nourishes skin with useful nutrients, deeply moisturizes, prevents dehydration, relaxes and protects from the negative external influence. Hero ingredients are coco and shea butters and essential oils of argan, jojoba, almond, mandarin, lemon, juniper, rosemary, natural herbal extracts, caffeine and vitamins.

    Cream has a light structure, is quickly absorbed and fits both dry and oily skin. Royal cream 5 Oils is recommended for daily use and for use after bathing, swimming and tanning,

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