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What Baby Cream to Use from First Days of Life

21 Aug 2017 г.

Cosmetics for babies should be absolutely safe for the gentle baby skin and should also have special features for solving specific baby skin issues, that is why choosing the proper baby cream is so important.


What special is in the newborn’s skin?

Newborn baby’s immune system is not balanced properly that is why babies skin is prone to negative internal and external influences. Dry air, hot temperature in the room can provoke skin itching, a contact with the cloth may cause irritation. The other possible skin issues are diapers rash, peeling, irritation, prickly heat, dryness.

Each skin issue can make feel baby discomfort and harm that can influence on the calmness, good mood, sleep or appetite. Good baby cosmetics can prevent all these issues.

Baby cosmetics by Repharm

What should baby cream contain?

All cosmetic products for baby skincare can be distinguished into two categories, directional and universal. Baby creams for everyday use should be always at hand. Good baby cream nourishes, moisturizes and protects smooth baby skin. Directional baby cosmetics is designed to solve specific issues. Every baby cream should avoid the following ingredients like silicones, parabens, odorants, colorants and petrochemicals.

The composition of good baby cream should have some natural ingredients:

  • Dexpanthenol for reducing inflammations, moisturizing, smoothing and protection from the external influence;
  • Natural oils of olive, peach kernel, grape seeds, soy etc. for moisturizing, nourishing, skin regeneration;
  • Glycerin for deep nourishing and water balance restoring;
  • Lanoline for nourishing, smoothing, creation of the protective layer;
  • Natural herbal extracts of chamomile and calendula for anti-inflammatory, antiseptic action, reducing redness and swellings;
  • Retinol and tocopherol for smoothing, nourishing and soothing.

Baby series Repharm contains baby cream and baby oil for babies’ skincare from the very first days of life. Baby cream Repharm can be applied under diapers, it protects gentle baby skin from the weather conditions, prevents itching, irritation and abrasion. Baby oil can be used for massaging and after bathing.

All the baby products in this series are hypoallergenic and contain only natural ingredients. They passed through the medical trials and have strong recommendations from the leading medical clinics.

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