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New! The Beer Hair Cosmetics by Repharm!

2 Sep 2018 г.

The Repharm company is glad to present the new series of natural cosmetics for hair, which is prepared on the base of fresh beer! The series includes the following products:

  • The Beer Shampoo for greasy hair;
  • The Beer Shampoo for dry and normal hair;
  • The Beer Balsam;
  • The Shower gel.


All these beer hair products have a unique composition, which contains;

  • Fresh beer;
  • Peptides;
  • Bisphosphonic complex;
  • Natural oils of coconut, olive, argan etc.;
  • Herbal extracts of nettle, clover, peony, licorice, hop, madder etc.

Beer hair cosmetics by Repharm

Why beer is good for hair

Beer is an ancient beverage that is also known as a natural cosmetic product, which was widely used for the skin and hair care. Ind there was reason for it, because beer contains a big number of useful microelements, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, which help to keep youth and beauty.

The useful properties of beer are the following:

  • Removing acne and skin greasiness;
  • Skin regeneration and removing aging signs;
  • Removing skin dryness and exfoliating;
  • Improving hair structure, giving them firm and elasticity;
  • Strengthening roots and boosting growth.

In contrast to our grammas’ hair care, nowadays using beer for hair wash has some issues, mostly because of its specific smell. We solved this problem in our cosmetics.

In the Repharm cosmetics useful beer features are extended with peptides, which activate regeneration of the damaged hair cells, with bisphosphonates, which boosts metabolism, with oils and herbal extracts, which provide hair with nourishing and moisturizing.

The result of use new beer hair cosmetics by Repharm is strength and shiny hair and smooth soften scalp.

The beer cosmetics by Repharm

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