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    What ingredients of a treating hand cream provide skin with efficient care?

    3 Aug 2017 г.

    A hand cream is a cosmetic product that any woman must have in her beauty bag. It provides the skin with general and urgent care, and help the hands stay young and beautiful. While the hands are the part of our body, that is most of all exposed to a negative influence, it is necessary to apply cream not only in the morning and in the evening, like face care products, but also after each washing.

    A hand cream can perform a large number of tasks, such as moisturizing, nourishing, antiseptic effect, healing of small cracks and damages, softening action, skin regeneration, rejuvenating, protection against negative influence. A good cosmetic treating product can cope with all these tasks. Besides, a good hand cream doesn’t need to belong to expensive big-brand cosmetics. While choosing a hand cream, it is important to examine its formula thoroughly. If it contains efficient ingredients, the result of its application would be evident in a short period of time.


    What ingredients does a good hand cream contain

    It should be noted, that natural substances in a hand cream formula can provide a long-lasting positive effect, and eliminate the risk of allergy reactions and detrimental effect for the skin. The most powerful ingredients of hand care products are:

    • natural oils (olive, maize, soya bean, tea tree oils). Their main function is skin moisturizing and nourishing. They saturate even the deep skin layers with water and useful substances, soften the skin, make it supple and velvety. Moreover, some of these substances, such as tea tree oil, for example, have a prominent antiseptic effect, heal micro cracks, scratches and slight wounds;
    • lanolin, bees wax, lecithin — soften the skin, forming a protecting film on its surface, which protects the skin from negative influence of frost, temperature range, wind, aggressive ingredients of household cleaning products;
    • vitamin complexes — saturate the skin with useful microelements, prevent skin dryness and tightness, regenerate the damaged skin cells, maintain healthy skin color, make it firm and elastic, fight against wrinkles;
    • anti-age components — collagen, bisphosphonate complex — help the skin to stay young and beautiful, regulate metabolism processes on a cellular level, prevent the signs of aging. These ingredients are very important for hand care, because the skin of this area gets old faster, than on the other zones of the body, and this skin is much harder to recover, than the facial skin.

    Hand cream by Repharm

    • Leks Handcream With Tea Tree Oil

      € 1.10

    Hand cream Leks by the Repharm company

    A hand cream Leks by the Pharmaceutical Reagents Institute Repharm is a registered cosmetic medicinal product, which was clinically tested and has a positive feedback not only from experts, but also from the ordinary customers. The cream has a well-balanced formula, represented by the most efficient natural ingredients. Among them are tea tree, olive, maize, soya bean oils. A unique bisphosphonate complex regulates metabolism in the deep sin layers, rejuvenates the cells and prevents salt deposit. The cream Leks nourishes and moisturizes hands, has antiseptic and wound-healing action, relieves fatigue and stress.

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