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    How to Choose Anticellulite Cream

    23 Aug 2017 г.

    Cellulite is a problem which around 95% women comes across. Some people mistakenly believe that only overweighed women are prone to this issue but it is not correct. Even shape and thin girls can develop it. This is why medicine classifies orange peel not only cosmetic issue but a disease.


    What are reasons for cellulite occurring?

    There are some common reasons for cellulite occurring:

    • Low physical activity and sedentary lifestyle;
    • Overweighting;
    • Unbalanced dieting;
    • Minor liquid consumption;
    • Late feeding;
    • Genetic predisposition;
    • Tight clothes and high heels preventing normal blood circulation;
    • Metabolic issues because of hormonal disorders.


    How does anticellulite cream work?

    Applying anticellulite cream is the most useful, handy and available way to fight cellulite. Cream contains special ingredients for stimulation the intracell exchanging processes, boosting blood and lymph drainage thus removing cellulite.

    Anticellulite cream can be used separately or for such procedures as massaging or wrapping. It also must be noted that using the anticellulite cream is just a part of a whole set of anticellulite procedures like dieting, physical exercises, massaging, machine cosmetology. Anticellulite cream can play a leading role in the cellulite treating only on the early stages of its developing.

    Cosmetologists suggest using of anticellulite creams from the age of 18 – 20. This cosmetic product is useful for those, who decided to get rid of a couple of kilos, it can boost the weight loss effect, keep on skin tone and elasticity.

    Anticellulite creams by Repharm


    Anticellulite creams contain highly concentrated caffeine for boosting anti-cellulite effect, which may promote crystal whiskers. They instantly dissolve while rubbing the cream in the skin.

    • Peptidele Anti-Cellulite Peptide Cream

      € 7.70
    • 90-60-90 Anti-Cellulite Cream with Essential Oils

      € 3.52

    Sorts and kinds of anticellulite creams

    The most beneficial anticellulite creams are based on the balanced composition of herbal extracts and natural essential oils. Depending on the ingredients, the way of use and principle of action there can be some categories of anticellulite creams:

    • Massaging anticellulite cream boosts the massaging effect, neutralizes stagnation, encourages fat lipolysis, enhances blood circulation, performs drainage of stagnant fluids, cleanses blood system from toxins. Its composition contains caffeine, essential oils, algae, plant extracts and natural medicinal components like peptides and bisphosphonates;
    • Warming anticellulite cream has a warming effect by using red pepper extract, camphor, caffeine, seaweed. Warming cream widens blood vessels and accelerates blood circulation, lymph flow, boosts metabolic processes and thus promotes the toxins excretion;
    • Cooling anticellulite cream influences on the swelling removing and eliminating spider veins. Moisturizers are the hero ingredients in the creams of this kind which tones skin, remove stagnant liquid, break down fat deposits;
    • Anticellulite cream for wrapping activates metabolic processes in the deep skin layers, boosts blood and lymph flow, removes stagnant fluid, neutralize toxins.

    Repharm manufacturers a series of the anticellulite creams that prove their outstanding efficacy and gained lots of positive reviews from common users and cosmetic professionals. Anticellulite creams by Repharm contain herbal extracts, natural essential oils and effective peptides and bisphosphonates which can effectively fight cellulite.

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