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    What Drugs Are Used for Joint Pain Treatment

    26 Mar 2017 г.

    Joint pain is characteristic for a great number of diseases coming with disorders of moving parts of the musculoskeletal system, with different course and outcome. Treatment and elimination of joint pain depends on the disease origin and the degree of its progression.


    Causes of joint pain occuring

    According to its origin, the joint pain can occur due to:

    • physical impact and injuries: dislocation, contusion, sprain, fracture, etc.;
    • musculoskeletal system diseases.

    Speaking about the pain elimination in case of physical impact, the process is quite simple and obvious. In the second case, the struggle against pain is a complex, multi-level process, the effectiveness of which depends on the correct disease diagnosis, taking into account its stage (its protraction), the degree of damages of joint tissues and the correctly prescribed treatment. In its turn, musculoskeletal system diseases can be also divided into several groups according to their nature (origin) of the main joint pathological process:

    • inflammatory diseases (arthritis, polyarthritis);
    • degenerative-dystrophic diseases (gout, arthrosis);
    • tumors;
    • congenital pathology, etc.

    The most common cause of inflammatory joint diseases is a previous infection. At the same time, the autoimmune damages can also become the cause of inflammation, when your own immune system considers the altered body tissues as antigens and destroys them. In addition, arthritis can be caused due to metabolic disorders, permanent joints injury, their physical overload, nervous system diseases, inherited predisposition, hypothermia, excess weight, lack of vitamins, insect bites, etc.

    Degenerative-dystrophic diseases (arthrosis) generally characterize the process of destruction of the constituent joint components. It starts with cartilage tissue thinning and joint liquid decrease. As a result, adjacent bones undergo the intense load during the contact with each other. Thus, as the compensatory mechanism in order to unload the joints, there are formed bone overgrowths (exostoses), aggravating the situation due to their sharp edges, traumatizing soft tissues. It causes inflammation, severe pain, and joint moto-dysfunction. Salt accumulation is often the cause of such processes.


    Procedure of joint pain treatment

    Joint pain treatment due to physical impact and injuries is not a serious problem. In such case, the positive effect can be achieved with the help of pain relievers, anti-inflammatory and some other groups of medications. The treatment duration depends on the injury origin and degree. However, as a rule, the course lasts a short period as it allows you to effectively jugulate pain and eliminate its cause.

    In case of degenerative-dystrophic diseases, the situation is more serious. The etiological (elimination of disease causes) and pathogenetic (influence on the pathology progression mechanisms) treatment is more important than its symptomatic treatment. It is a complex and long-term process; unfortunately, it does not always end up with a complete cure. Therefore, there are distinguished the following therapy procedures:

    • pain relief;
    • inflammatory process elimination;
    • suspension and elimination of dystrophic and degenerative processes;
    • restoration of motor functions;
    • elimination of disease causes (regulation of metabolic processes, treatment of background diseases, and change of existing lifestyle).
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    Joint pain treatment medications

    Nowadays, the range of modern medications for the treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases and the joint pain elimination is very wide. The therapy effectiveness primarily depends on the correct prescribed complex of medications, as in the majority of cases the use of one drug is insufficient.

    As a rule, there are used the following groups of drugs:

    • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, Nimesulide) and corticosteroid hormones. They have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects;
    • drugs jugulating the destructive processes of joint area: cartilage protectors (Glucosamine, Chondroitin);
    • hormonal drugs;
    • calcium drugs (vitamin D, Calcium-D3 Nycomed, Osteochin);
    • drugs restoring the structure of damaged tissues, promoting the removal of salts, regulating the metabolic processes: bisphosphonates (Etidronate, Zoledronate, KSI cream, AKSINIA).

    Medications based on the bisphosphonate complex are especially effective in relieving joint pain. In the course of treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases, they implement a multi-purpose task: they relieve pain and inflammation, remove salts and prevent their accumulation, regenerate damaged tissues and regulate metabolic processes. Products of this group based on natural ingredients and bisphosphonate complex, such as AKSINIA cream, can be used both for the treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases as well as pain relievers in case of common physical injuries.

    Professor of Bogomolets National Medical University Larisa Degtyareva

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