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Body Creams Against Accumulation of Salts

22 Sep 2017 г.

Scientists consider that one in five people of our planet over 40 suffers from accumulation of salts. The notion accumulation of salts is not a medical term; usually this word means various diseases, which are based on the same process: insoluble calcium salts start precipitating in various tissues and organs. Therefore, calcium salts are accumulated under the skin, forming hard peas, the disease is called calcification. In case of accumulation of salts in kidneys, we are talking about urolithiasis. However, the most vulnerable areas prone to accumulation of salts are joints.

Why does accumulation of salts occur?

Many people mistakenly think that only the elderly people suffer from accumulation of salts. Of course, diseases of this group are more common for them than for young people, as due to the age the metabolic processes slow down and are interrupted. However, people under 30 can experience accumulation of salts. There are many causes for it:

  • unhealthy diet with fatty, spicy, salty and smoked foods;
  • harmful addictions – alcohol and smoking, overeating;
  • systematic hypothermia;
  • sedentary lifestyle, excess weight;
  • intense physical activity, injuries;
  • various diseases: of blood, skin, endocrine systems, kidneys;
  • long-term intake of some medications.

All these causes can lead to calcium metabolic disorders, when salts start accumulating in various joints: knee, shoulder, hip, hands and elbows. The first sign of accumulation of salts is crunching and pain. After that, it is followed by inflammation, salts damage muscles and nerve endings, joint numbness appears, pain becomes constant and severe. If you do not turn to doctor in time and do not start treating disease, the joint can lose its mobility.

Крема для тела Рефарм против отложения солей

How to cure accumulation of salts

It should be noted that diseases related to accumulation of salts cannot be quickly cured with the help of one drug. If the process has already passed into serious stage, doctors usually recommend special diet, physiotherapy, and simultaneous use of several different groups of drugs, including anti-inflammatory products, hormonal medications, drugs regulating uric acid levels and calcium metabolic processes.

A large role of treatment process is given to topical agents, such as creams and ointments. They are also used for disease prevention, as accumulation of salts is much easier to prevent than to cure. As an additional agent to the treatment process and for the prevention of accumulation of salts, you can use special medical and cosmetic body creams, which belong to the category of calcium-regulating products.

The local manufacturer of medicinal cosmetics, the Institute of Pharmaceutical Reagents Repharm provides a series of such products. The company has developed a unique composition of elements removing salts and preventing their formation. The effectiveness of these products is confirmed by long-term clinical tests and recommendations for use by medical experts and specialists of orthopedic salons. In particular, the famous Russian network of orthopedic salons Orteka recommends cream against accumulation of salts of Repharm Company.

Calcium-regulating creams of Repharm Company

How body creams against accumulation of salts function

The main active element of Repharm Company body creams against accumulation of salts is a bisphosphonate calcium-regulating complex regulating calcium metabolic processes.

According to their composition, bisphosphonates are artificial analogue of natural elements regulating mineral metabolic processes of our body. They effectively prevent the accumulation of salts in soft tissues and joints. In addition, bisphosphonates are very effective in the treatment of various bone and joint diseases, such as osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, arthritis, arthrosis, they also relieve pain of various nature. It occurs due to the unique ability of these elements to block cells destroying bone tissue. Bisphosphonates are embedded into bone tissue and make it insensitive to the action of destroyers such as osteoclasts levigating calcium from the bones.

Learn more about the action of bisphosphonates:

Крема для тела Рефарм против отложения солей

Who are indicated to use body creams against accumulation of salts?

It should be mentioned that accumulation of salts is usually treated under the supervision of a doctor according to his recommendations. Calcium-regulating body creams can be used as an additional agent, as they have no side effects and contraindications, and are also excellent for the prevention of diseases related to the accumulation of salts. Everyone can use body creams regardless of the causes: athletes and fitness fans, people with sedentary lifestyle or in case of intense physical activity, elderly people.

Repharm Company provides a series of body creams against accumulation of salts of various purposes that are used by different groups of customers.

  • Cream for active lifestyle Ca-VITACTIVE is suitable for those who are actively involved in sports. This calcium-regulating product activates the metabolic processes of muscles and joints, relieves pain and tension occurring after long training or competitions. Many famous professional athletes already use this cream. Among them are marathon runners and walruses, who set records thanks to the use of calcium-regulating products of Repharm Company. We have received excellent reviews of the Russian marathon runner, winner of 100 km trial, Igor Kurtepov and the swimmer across the English Channel and the Bering Strait, Natalya Seraya, the chairman of the ice swimming club Walruses of the Capital.
  • For the elderly people, Repharm Company recommends AKSINIA Ca-INTERACTIVE body cream against accumulation of salts. The cream is specially developed for preventive anti-aging care. It regulates the metabolic processes in joints, prevents the accumulation of salts, relieves pain, eliminates edema of various nature, and helps as an additional agent in the complex treatment of accumulation of salts.
  • People who are engaged in intense physical labor or have a sedentary lifestyle can use KSI cream Ca-control. KSI cream prevents accumulation of salts, relieves fatigue and muscle tension, and regulates metabolic processes in joints and muscles.
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Body Creams Against Accumulation of Salts

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