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What Foot Cream to Choose

30 Sep 2017 г.

Foot care, which we so often ignore, is necessary not only to make the skin of our feet look well-groomed and attractive, but also in order to prevent the appearance of large number of defects and diseases. Experiencing strong daily stress, the feet are one of the most vulnerable part of our body. The skin can become calloused; appear fungal diseases, dryness and cracks. Many factors can cause the appearance of negative phenomena and deterioration of the skin condition. Among them are both external and inner problems.

We create the great majority of the causes of foot skin defects. Among them are uncomfortable, tight shoes made of low-quality artificial materials, improper care with the abuse of peelings and the use of inappropriate products or care absence at all. Inner changes of our body also provide a great effect on foot skin: lack of vitamins, fungal infections, metabolic disorders, excess weight, hormonal disorders, and some diseases such as diabetes, tuberculosis and anemia.

One of the first signs of deterioration of skin condition is the appearance of dryness and micro-cracks. Among more serious changes are fungus, calluses, corns and appearance of cracks, which are extremely difficult to treat.


How to take care of your feet at home

Foot care does not take much time. The main rule of its effectiveness is consistency. Caring procedures include the following:

  • daily feet washing with warm, comfortable temperature of the water. Do it both in the evening and in the morning;
  • daily use of foot cream, in the morning and in the evening after shower;
  • once per week it is necessary to apply special foot scrubs, which effectively renew skin and remove stratum corneum;
  • twice per week when you take a bath or shower, use burnishers or brushes, which effectively remove calloused skin;
  • weekly baths with medicinal herbs, essential oils and vitamins will help you to support foot skin;
  • if you have enough time, you can supplement the cream application with an elementary home massage. It stimulates blood circulation and enhances the effect of useful elements of the product.

Foot cream of Repharm Company

Which creams to use for foot care

The foot cream choice depends on the specific problem. According to its action, foot creams are divided into the following categories:

  • for everyday use;
  • softening;
  • moisturizing;
  • bactericidal;
  • against cracks and corns;
  • creams against sweating;
  • fatigue relieving.

Regardless of the severity of the skin defect or its complete absence, it is better to choose medical and cosmetic products, the composition of which is mainly represented by natural elements. They not only eliminate the problem, but also function as an effective product for preventing the formation of various defects.

The developer and manufacturer of natural medicinal phyto-cosmetic products, Repharm Company provides an effective foot cream with horse chestnut extract. The product has passed all clinically tests and received many positive reviews. It consists of natural elements that comprehensively take care of your skin and solve a large list of possible problems. The product consists of horse chestnut fruit extract, which has a venotonic effect, strengthens vascular walls, relieves inflammation, and stimulates blood circulation. The absinthium extract promotes healing of cracks, relieves swelling and inflammation. Salicylic and boric acids creates a bactericidal effect. Lavender and menthol refresh and relieve fatigue. The cream can be used not only for elimination of negative presentations, but also as means for everyday care in order to prevent the appearance of cracks, corns, skin coarsening, and fungal diseases.

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