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    Causes of Joint Pain. How to Get Rid of It?

    30 Mar 2017 г.

    Joint pain is a very common symptom not only for the musculoskeletal system diseases, but also for other diseases: infectious, allergic, endocrine, oncological, etc. Older people are most often at risk. However, young people and even children can suffer from arthralgia depending on the primary pathology. The disease provoking the pain development also determines its nature. Joint pain can be constant or intermittent, systemic or local, aching or burning, moderate or intense.

    The therapy of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can handle with pain very effectively. However, symptom inhibiting does not solve the cause of its occurrence. It is important to diagnose the pain cause and act upon it, as otherwise the pain can progress.


    Causes of joint pain and its treatment

    The most common pain occurs in joints in case of musculoskeletal system diseases. In such case, the pain is systemic and very intense. The pain presentation and its treatment depend on the underlying disease and its nature (inflammatory, dystrophic-degenerative, etc.):

    • pain in case of arthritis. The arthritic origin of pain is characterized by its appearance in case of prolonged joint immobility. At night, it intensifies and by morning, it can become racking, forcing the patient to get up and start moving. The cause of these pains is the accumulation of inflammatory reaction products in the joint cavity, which irritate the nerve endings. The main task of arthritis treatment is to relieve inflammatory state with the help of antibiotics, glucocorticosteroid hormones and some other drugs. In addition, other pharmacologic agents can be used for immunity strengthening. The pains will disappear after the inflammatory state attenuation;
    • pain in case of rheumatic arthritis. It is a disease of allergic and infectious nature with the development of immune inflammation in joint tissues. In the disease course, the affected joint tissues become autoantigenic and the body’s immunity starts destroying the joint structures. The disease develops slowly. At the initial stage, the characteristic signs are swelling and stiffness of the joints, and systemic, but moderate pains. Firstly, there can be affected the small joints. Subsequently, the large joints (shoulder, hip, and knee) can be also affected. The joints are deformed, the muscles of the periarticular zone starts atrophying. The pains become constant and intense. In such case, nonspecific anti-inflammatory drugs are used for relieving the pain and swelling, in extremely severe states the hormone therapy is applied;
    • pain in case of arthrosis and gout. These diseases are based on degenerative-dystrophic processes, because of which cartilage and bone tissues are destroyed. In such cases, the pain arises because of the mechanical stimulus on the joint tissues (accumulation of salts due to metabolic disorders). In case of gout, the pain is moderate, occurs after physical activity, and decreases at rest. Thus, rest and restriction of motions, the use of pain-relievers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (diclofenac), multifunctional creams and ointments with bisphosphonates (AKSINIA cream), which, moreover, contribute to the elimination of salts, will be an effective way for relieving the pain.


    Joint pain treatment with the help of bisphosphonates

    Natural creams and gels with an active bisphosphonate complex provide a multilevel action on the joint area and are effective for the treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases (AKSINIA cream, KSICREAM). They provide general strengthening effect, improve microcirculation, regulate mineral metabolism, interacting with calcium ions, eliminate salts and prevent their accumulation. Thus, drugs of this category not only help to eliminate pain and edema in the joint area, but, in complex treatment, actively influence on the mechanisms of pathology progress. The significant advantage of creams with bisphosphonates is the absence of possible side effects that can occur in case of taking pills or injections. The composition of creams makes it possible to use them for a long period, as it is very important in case of treatment of systemic, long-lasting arthralgia specific to arthrosis.

    Professor of Bogomolets National Medical University, L.V. Degtyareva

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