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What Sporting Leg and Feet Cream to Choose?

2 Sep 2017 г.

In contrast to the cosmetic leg and feet creams, the sporting leg and feet creams provide sportsmen with an extended range of benefits. As soon as legs’ muscles and skin on the trainings and competitions are prone to the extra pressure and tension, the risk of injuring skin rises. Beneficial leg and feet cream can prevent skin issues and heal existing ones.


Which leg skin issues can sport cream solve?

Benefits of the good sporting leg and feet cream are the following:

  • Reducing tiredness, muscle tension and swellings. The hero ingredients are menthol, mint, lavender that freshen, relax and make feel comfortable and fresh;
  • Regenerating and boosting the metabolic processes, restoring the skin and muscle tissue, preventing salt depositing. The hero ingredients for this action are bisphosphonates, succinic and lemon acids;
  • Preventing cracks occurring, healing skin injures. The hero ingredients are wormwood, lanolin, glycerin, retinol and tocopherol that soften skin and treat damaged skin;
  • Antiseptic and anti-fungus action for neutralizing harmful bacteria by salicylic and boric acid;
  • Heating action by red pepper extract, hypericum, juniper, essential oils of eucalypt and fir-tree;

Besides all mentioned types of action, sport cream for legs and feet moisturizes and nourishes leg skin and makes it bouncy and elastic.

Leg and feet creams by Repharm

How to apply leg and feet cream

Although the sporting creams are usually related to the cosmeceutical or medical products, it is better to be used in advance before skin issues occur. Cream’s efficacy depends on the correct application that can include the following steps:

  • Wash and dry legs before application;
  • Rub cream into the dry skin;
  • Massage can stimulate skin and muscles and positively influence on the entire body functioning;
  • It would be good to peel skin twice a week to boost the positive cream impact.

There are some leg and feet cosmetic and cosmeceutical creams on the Repharm’s product line that proved their high efficacy in the professional sport. This is a Ca-Vitactive cream with bisphosphonates an its formula, which can prevent salt depositing, balance metabolic processes and reduce unpleasant feelings of any nature.

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