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    Foot Cream for Feet Cracks and Calluses

    16 Sep 2017 г.

    Feet cracks and heel calluses can not only convey unpleasant impression, but lead to more serious consequences like pain feeling during the walk, which dramatically reduce the life quality. In addition, untreated feet cracks may result infecting and inflammation, that could even bring to a hospital.


    Why feet cracks and calluses occur?

    Main reason of feet dryness and cracks can be separated into internal and external ones.

    External reasons are the following;

    • Frequent use of chloride water, systematic visiting of the water pool;
    • Wearing tight shoes made of synthetic material;
    • Walking barefoot on the hot sand;
    • Lack of feet hygiene;
    • Frequent peeling procedures or removing dead skin from feet and heels;
    • Excessive physical loadings on legs and feet.

    Foot skin can also respond to the external changes in the body. External factors of the feet dryness are the following:

    • metabolic conditions;
    • some diseases like diabetes, thyroid gland disease, nervous system issues etc.;
    • skin diseases like dermatitis, psoriasis, fungus diseases;
    • lack of vitamins due to dieting, insufficient fluid intake, bad habits.

    Feet cosmetic products by Repharm

    • Legs and Feet Tone Up Cream with Horse Chestnut Essenсe, 70 g

      300 руб.

    How to treat feet correctly?

    Dry cracked feet are difficult to treat. Much easier is to prevent their developing by taking care of them daily. Simple daily routine is the following:

    • Washing feet with cool water twice a day, in the morning and in the evening;
    • Weekly footbathing with herbal essence and nourishing ingredients;
    • Weekly feet peeling. Don’t do it to often, it is enough biweekly peeling for the sensitive skin and no peeling at all for dry cracked skin;
    • Daily use of foot cream in the morning and in the evening. Use of the special medical creams if cracks have already occurred;
    • Wearing comfort shoes made of natural materials, loose and well ventilated;
    • Drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables contained calcium, iron and zinc, retinol and tocopherol;

    The main way to get rid of calluses and dry skin cracks is to use beneficial foot cream that soften foot skin, nourish and moisturize it and removes bacterial contamination. Cosmeceutical foot cream by Repharm with the horse chestnut has a balanced formula that reduces tiredness, softens skin, strengthens blood vessels, prevents fungus diseases and odors.

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