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How to choose foot care cream

5 Oct 2019 г.

Some women spare a lot of time taking care about face and hands, but unfortunately, they forget about their feet. However, the skin of feet needs special care as well. Chapped or calloused heels may destroy all positive effect of a well-thought-out look or ideal make-up. Everyday use of a good foot care cream and home foot soaking will let your feet look neat and well-cared-for.


How does foot cream work

A good cosmetic or medicinal product usually provides skin with total care and has multifunctional action. A suitable cream heals chaps, reduces dryness, sweatiness, prevents clavuses, relieves fatigue, edema, etc. Below there is a list of foot care products functions:

  • bactericide and anti-inflammatory — neutralizes activity of bacteria, which cause inflammation, various skin diseases and defects;
  • softening — prevents skin callousness, corns, chaps and clavuses;
  • exfoliating — activates cells regeneration;
  • anti-edema and cooling — relives fatigue, improves blood circulation, which might be disturbed during high physical activity or sedentary activity, as well;
  • regulates perspiration and removes unpleasant odor.


What are the kinds of foot creams

The selection of a suitable foot cream depends mainly on a problem you deal with. It can be fight against chaps, skin dryness, excessive perspiration, and others. There are several types of foot creams according to their main purpose:

  • creams fighting chaps. Their main action is intensive moisturizing and nourishing. Besides that, this group of creams have a wound-healing effect. The most efficient ingredients to fulfill this purpose are vitamins A and E, natural oils, panthenol, aloe vera and horse-tail extracts, glycerin, hyaluronic acid;
  • creams fighting perspiration. Excessive sweating causes not only unpleasant odor, but also harmful germs growth, which may give rise to infectious and fungal diseases. Antiperspirant foot creams serve to regulate sweating, neutralize bad odor and kill bacteria. The most effective components of this group of creams are menthol, mint, tea tree oil;
  • creams fighting fatigue and edema — refresh, soothe, improve blood circulation, strengthen the walls of the vessels. Mint, menthol and lavender oil successfully cope with this task;
  • creams fighting clavuses and corns. The creams of this category soften the skin and decelerate cell keratinization. Natural oils, panthenol and glycerin are very good to solve these problems.

Foot creams by Repharm

What ingredients should an effective foot cream formula contain

The following substances are also very efficient ingredients of different categories of foot creams:

  • calendula and chamomile extracts — have antiseptic and soothing effect;
  • horse-tail and horse-chestnut extracts — help to strengthen blood vessels and reduce edema;
  • green tea extract — has antiseptic, deodorizing and anti-oxidant effect;
  • ascorbic, succinic and malic acids — reduce edema, have phytoncidal effect;
  • sage extract — heals microcracks, reduces edema and inflammation.

A foot care cream by the Repharm company contains a big variety of natural ingredients and also a unique bisphosphonate complex, that regenerates skin metabolism on a cellular level and makes it soft and elastic. This cosmetic product is registered and proved its efficiency in practical use.

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