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    Marathon runner Igor Kurtepov about Golden Ring Ultra Trail in Suzdal

    6 May 2019 г.

    The largest Russian ultra-marathon Golden Ring Ultra Trail in Suzdal is getting popular. This year more than 2500 runners from around the world took part in the race. The number of finishers on the 100 km distance record of Russia was broken: the distance got over by 326 runners. Among them there was Igor Kurtepov, a popular marathon runner, broadcaster of the videoblog Begoman, who had described in details how he was preparing to this challenge and how he won out over himself.


    How to prepare to start. Think over everything

    6 days before starting the body preparation has been proceeded: 3 day for the carbohydrate offloading and 3 day for the carbohydrate uploading.

    The starting time was set on the 5 am. The distance seemed not to be easy: 5 fords, some swampy sections, a long 40 km stretch of the track without a single feeding station. What will be need on the track was thought over and prepared in advance. The day before starting all the equipment was ready: trunks, T-shirt, socks, bandana, waist pack with the attached number in the plastic cover, jogging shoes, drinking system, gels for feeding, salt tablets, head action camera and the Polar ointment by Repharm for the feet protection.

    Getting up at 4:20, dressing and obligatory spreading on the feet with a thick layer of the Polar ointment, which will save nails and toes on the long distance. As an alternative vaseline is allowed but it will be quickly washed off with the water and can’t handle the 100 km distance with fords in contrast to Polar ointment that contains natural mink fat. 3 tablets of Panangin. I am ready to start.

    The Polar ointment by Repharm

    • Polar Mountain Ointment Sun Wind Frost Protection, 50 g

      € 3.45

    The distance. Nobody known about 107 km in the hell

    Totally about 400 runners started, but GRUT not a simple track so it was predictable that many of them will leave the distance. So, it turned out, on the 69th km 70 runners left.

    First 10 km were quite simple: streets and rare field stretches. Further a real trail zone started with a wet grass, puddles and fords, some of which were a chest-depth. But the main problem was not fording, frequent wide paddles, which couldn’t be bypassed, kept feet wet all the time.

    Especially difficult section, a cascade, a series of hills with the extreme altitude gradients, deep slopes and steep climbs. Here was the inner race inside the race with the timing of entering and exit, but I decided to ignore this inner competition and save my strength on the rest of the trial.

    The track laid generally in the forest and along the forest edge, the breathtaking sights opened on the riverside, but in the swampy sections the legs drew into a mire up to the knees and it was possible only to crawl.


    Every 10 km I ate a gel, on the 55th km I drank BCAA and 3 Panangin tablets for reducing of catabolic processes. The water needed saving so I sipped it, soaked lips and endured. I didn’t stop on the track, to prevent body from switching into restoring mode because it would be difficult to make it run further.

    On the second part of the track the insects appeared, the road became ruined. It was hard to run and impossible not to run.

    Finishing and results. Another victory over myself

    I can hardly remember the last part of the track, especially last 20 km. Entered Suzdal I boosted a little and here they are: the medal and the rucksack with print “Finisher T100” full of gifts. I instantly drank alcohol-free beer for the liquid balance restoring and took some bathes in a row, the water in the first one became black. The Polar ointment helped me very much. I recommend it to everyone on the trials and long-distance races, spread it on the toes, especially on the nails.


    The Repharm company congratulates Igor Kurtepov with the victory and wishes him many further successful starts!


    You can know about Igor’s races watching his channel Begoman.

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