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    The Moscow Marathon 2017

    26 Oct 2017 г.

    The Repharm company took part as a sponsor in the traditional annual race “The Moscow marathon”, which was held on 24 September in Moscow.

    As usual we offered sportsmen to try some creams of calcium-regulating series like the Ca-Vitactive cream, which is popular at runners for good results in boosting endurance and reducing the muscle fatigue after continuous workout.

    Besides the traditional series of cosmetic products, the Repharm company represented a new Royal cream for skin care after sun and water like bathing, sunbathing, sunbeds, swimming in the sea and water pool. This cream is designed considering its sporting use and may interesting for marathon runners, triathletes and the others.


    Until the 30 November 2017 the Royal cream is being sold on apteka.ru at the special price 2 for 1 using promocode #якоролева

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