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    How can using a cream improve the runner’s result

    4 Aug 2017 г.

    Endurance race is an intensive physical activity, which demands special preparation, including not only training but a whole program of actions. It contains lifestyle control, nutrition, using certain supporting medicinal and preventive products.


    What kinds of training can help to increase endurance in running

    There are two kinds of endurance: general and special. Professional sportsmen, long-distance runners, marathon runners should have the second type of endurance, which can be formed first of all, by a training process. Here are the examples of the most popular trainings:

    • interval training — is a cycle of interchanging low-intensity and high-intensity running at specific time intervals.
    • interval running of a ‘pyramid’ type — means gradual increasing of acceleration periods, when the most intensive loading is placed in the middle of the training process. The decrease of intensity occurs the other way around;
    • allied trainings — mean interchange of running and other kinds of physical activity: bicycle, power-lifting exercises, etc.;
    • the method of Bart Yasso — interval running for 800 m;
    • the Pierce’s method — interchange of low and high intensity;
    • the Noble’s method — long-distance pace-running with increasing duration.

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    How does the runner’s endurance increase

    Training is not the only one way to build the runners’ endurance, their good physical condition and sporting achievements. The most common and special methods are the following:

    • regular deep and healthy sleeping;
    • increased fluid intake – not less than 2 liters of pure water per day;
    • proper food ration: elimination of fried, fatty, smoked, pickled food, pastries, desserts will improve the general medical condition, increase the level of energy. The professional sportsmen usually keep a special diet, which helps them to achieve good results;
    • exclusion of alcohol and smoking: these habits demand significant energy expenditure;
    • avoiding stress and permanent nervous strain: they are the main sources of consumption;
    • taking vitamins and using special medicinal preventive products, which help to strengthen bones, joints and ligaments, and also to keep the normal metabolism, thus affecting the general health condition and athletic performance.


    What creams help to increase a pace endurance

    The Repharm company offers a series of products, which were developed specially for both recreational athletes and professional sportsmen. These are medicinal cosmetic body creams — Ca-VITACTIVE, KSIgel and KSIcream. They contain a natural calcium regulating bisphosphonate complex, which stimulates metabolism processes on a cellular level, have a positive effect upon nerve endings, prevent salt deposit and relieve muscle and joints pain, stimulate motion activity, tissues regeneration, recover the damping function of joints, increase training efficiency and athletic performance.

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