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How to Use Protective Face Cream for Wind and Frost

22 Sep 2017 г.

The skin is the protective barrier of our body performing thermoregulation and protecting against overheating and hypothermia. At the same time, the skin requires protection more than any other organ of our body. In summer, it requires protection against ultraviolet, in winter, from frost, wind, dry air, temperature extremes. Basic skin care of day and night creams is aimed at moistening and nourishing, while special products create protection layer. In addition, you should understand that creams of this category create a barrier not only from external negative presentations such as redness, peeling and dryness, they also prevent the progression of aging processes, since ultraviolet light destroys collagen and elastin, and in winter the skin loses a great amount of moisture, which interrupts the metabolic processes inside it.


How wind and frost protective cream functions

In winter, our skin is rather weakened. The due attention should be paid to its nutrition. The winter cream consists of elements that not only create the protection against external adverse actions, but also of a large number of nutritional components. They saturate skin with essential vitamins and minerals. The list of functions of such creams is as follows:

  • create a protective barrier against temperature extremes;
  • strengthen capillaries and increase vascular tone;
  • restore the hydrolipidic skin layer;
  • increase immune protection;
  • provide protection against the influence of toxins and free radicals;
  • prevent peeling, chapping and redness.

All these functions support and restore the skin metabolic processes, which in their turn prevent the progression of aging processes.

Winter care products of Repharm Company

How to use protective cream for wind and frost

The effectiveness of protective cream largely depends on the correctness of its application. If the protective cream is applied incorrectly, it not only will not provide the desired effect, but in some cases, due to its dense texture, it can clog the pores. Here are the basic rules for cream application:

  • winter protective cream is created on the basis of fatty, oily components, therefore, the cream should be applied 40-60 minutes before going outside in order to absorb and create the protective layer;
  • half an hour after application, use a cotton pad or cosmetic napkin in order to remove cream residues that have not been absorbed so that they do not clog the pores and cause functional disorder of sebaceous glands. It can lead to acne and blackheads;
  • choosing the product, pay attention to the manufacturer recommendations regarding the simultaneous application of the protective cream and makeup. The majority of them have no contraindications for the use under makeup. However, there is a specialized category of winter creams for intensive protection in cases of prolonged stay in extreme conditions of winter cold. They are applied only to clean skin;
  • in the evening, the protective cream should be carefully removed, as its dense layer can interfere with the full-fledged skin regeneration processes, which occur most actively at night.


Repharm Company provides a full range of natural phytocosmetics of comprehensive facial skin care. Among these products are creams, balms and protective ointments. They have proven their effectiveness not only during clinical tests, but also in practical application in extreme cold conditions. Repharm lip balm with peptides is recommended to use for the delicate skin of lips in conditions of transitional autumn or winter periods; Polar ointment is perfect for extreme cold conditions while the cream Mink coat for face is recommended as a daily protective product under makeup.

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