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    Discount on the Birch Tar Cosmetisc by Repharm!

    13 Jul 2019 г.

    The Repharm company pleases the lovers of natural cosmetics with bonuses again. In collaboration with the medial portal apteka.ru, Repharm company announces another special offer. From 1 July to 31 July, all the products from the popular Degtyarev series can be purchased with a 40 rubles discount for each. In order to take part in the action you need:

    • select the product involved to the action;
    • add it to the cart;
    • enter the promocode #якоролева;
    • wait for the delivery to the nearest pharmacy!

    A resident of any region of Russia can buy the Degtyarev cosmetics with a discount!

    The list of products on the special offer includes:

    • Degtyarev restoring balm for all hair types;
    • female and male shower gels Degtyarev with peptides;
    • women’s and men’s shampoo Degtyarev with peptides.

    Birch tar cosmetics by Repharm

    • Birch Tar Peptide Shower Gel for Women

      € 3.74
    • Birch Tar Recovering Peptide Hair Balsam

      € 3.96
    • Birch Tar Peptide Shampoo for Women

      € 3.85

    What are the Degtyarev birch tar cosmetics benefits

    The birch tar is a unique natural product that has the widest range of benefits. It cares for skin and hair and treats many disorders being a powerful natural antibiotic and antiseptic. In ancient Russia birch tar was used to stop bleeding, to treat ulcer, pneumonia, sore throat, almost all fungal and parasitic skin diseases.

    Birch tar shows excellent results in skin and hair care:

    • treats acne, heals skin wounds, microcracks and other damages;
    • regulates the sebaceous glands functioning, eliminates oily shine and tightens the pores;
    • activates blood circulation and improves the inner metabolic processes and the nutrients synthesis;
    • strengthens hair follicles and prevents hair loss;
    • heals the scalp, effectively removes dandruff;
    • improves hair structure.

    The beneficial properties of birch tar in the Degtyarev series are supplemented by natural components, the peptides and bisphosphonates, which normalize the intracellular metabolic processes, restore damaged cells, optimize the intracellular components’ synthesis.

    The Degtyarev birch tar cosmetic series is an effective and gentle care of your skin and hair!

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