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Who Is Natural Peptide Cosmetic Suitable For?

28 Sep 2017 г.

Peptides are unique elements that have burst into the sphere of cosmetology. They have not only competed with the products preserving skin youth and beauty, such as collagen, elastin and botox, but also surpassed them in various directions. The main advantages of peptides are their naturalness and efficacy, as well as the ability to implement a wide range of tasks in skin care.


How peptides function

According to the structure, peptides consist of several amino acids. These natural elements are met in the body of every person. They are like protein compounds such as collagen and elastin, but much smaller in size than the latter. The small size of peptides is its main advantage in skin care processes. Their size is optimal in order to penetrate into the deep subdermis and provide a prominent beneficial effect. Protein compounds of topical cosmetics are not as effective. They have only superficial effect and provide minor beneficial changes.

The main advantage of peptides is their ability to launch the regenerating process of damaged cells and activate cell reproduction. In addition, peptides implement many other important tasks:

  • remove slags and toxins;
  • cure skin lesions;
  • relieve inflammation;
  • split fat accumulations;
  • regulate blood circulation;
  • activate the processes of collagen and elastin regeneration;
  • act as conductors of useful substances into the deep skin compartments;
  • give a boost to the skin immune functions;
  • create a protective barrier against the environmental negative effects.

Cosmetic Products with Peptides by Repharm

When to use cosmetics with peptides

As peptide compounds provide a great range of beneficial effects, they can be used in various cosmetic products. First, peptides are No. 1 elements in skin resurfacing and the main components of anti-aging cosmetics.

In addition, due to the prominent regenerative, wound healing and anti-inflammatory effects, products with peptides can be used in struggle with the problems of teenage or problem skin, which is prone to rashes, acne, and spots.

Peptides are used in products against excess weight and cellulite as they can regulate metabolic processes, remove toxins, slags and stagnant liquid, and split fat accumulations.

Peptides also provide a prominent beneficial effect as a part of products for winter care. They prevent skin dryness, irritation, redness and microcracks, as well as expedite the damaged skin healing.

Repharm Company is a manufacturer of high-quality natural skin care products. It offers a series of products based on peptide compounds, among which there are anti-cellulite creams, anti-aging cosmetics, products for teenage and problem skin, protective creams and gels. All products have passed clinical trials, received expert testimony, many positive reviews from cosmetology specialists, as well as those people who take care of their skin.

Cosmetic Products with Peptides by Repharm

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