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    How to Use Sports Foot Cream Correctly

    7 Oct 2017 г.

    The muscles of athletes are under extreme stress during professional sports training and competitions. Injuries of varying severity, sprains, bruises, discomfort and pain are rather frequent companions of sportsmen. Depending on the sports type, different muscle groups are under stress. However, according to statistics the legs are always at risk. Thus, they require special sports foot cream. A good product will not only help to get rid of discomfort, but also effectively prevent its progression. The products of this category can be used not only by professional sportsmen, but also by those who are engaged in intensive physical labor or their work is associated with standing for a long time.


    How sports foot creams function

    The leading effect of medicinal products of this group is based on the activation of metabolic processes in muscles, joints and tissues, and increase of blood circulation. Thus, they have an wide range of positive features:

    • relieve fatigue, pain, tension and swelling;
    • provide venotonic effect;
    • activate metabolic processes;
    • provide regenerating effect;
    • provide warming effect;
    • moisturize and nourish the skin, make it more resilient and more elastic.

    Sports cream Ca-VITACTIVE of Repharm Company

    • CA-VITACTIVE Calcium Body Cream

      € 6.16

    How to use sports foot creams correctly

    It is necessary to use these products both before and after training. Before its application, it is recommended to massage your skin in order to increase blood circulation. It will promote the penetration of the cream active components and will greatly enhance their positive effect. Then with massage movements and active physical effort, apply cream to the muscles and joints that will be are subjected to increased load. It should be noted that the use of sports cream before training or competition will not only prevent possible injuries, reduce the pain threshold, tension and fatigue, but will also increase muscle endurance and the progress of sports achievements. After the training, the sports foot cream will help to relax tense muscles and relieve discomfort.

    The Russian manufacturer of natural phyto-cosmetic products, the Institute of pharmaceutical reagents Repharm, has developed a series of unique products with bisphosphonates that activate metabolic processes in cells and tissues, increase muscle and joint endurance, and effectively relieve pain, tension, swelling and inflammation. Among them is sports cream Ca-VITACTIVE. This product belongs to the category of medical and cosmetic means, therefore, in comparison with many other products; it has no contraindications and side effects. It is very important that you can use it for very long period. The product has passed clinical tests and is recommended for use by the leading medical centers of the country. The cream is already used by many famous sportsmen and has received a great number of positive reviews. Experienced ultra-marathon runner Igor Kurtepov and the Chairman of Moscow Ice Swimmers Club Natalya Seraya are among the users of Repharm medical cosmetics.

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