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What are bisphosphonates and how to use them

30 May 2017 г.

Bisphosphonates are considered to be bone health products owing to their ability to block the cells that destruct bones. But the spectrum of their activity is much larger. They are widely used not only in various branches of medicine, but also in cosmetology. Bisphosphonate complexes act as active ingredients of creams, gels, masks, shampoos and other cosmetic products with rejuvenating and metabolism improving action.

What are bisphosphonates used for

Bisphosphonates have the similar chemical structure as natural mineral body substances, which prevent bones destruction and recover metabolism. They have an ability to be built into the bones structure and make them insensitive to the destroying influence of osteoclasts, which leach out calcium from the bones. Bisphosphonates normalize metabolism, thus fighting against oncogenesis.

Besides that, bisphosphonates act as skin metabolism regulator and keep calcium balance. They relieve skin tension, reduce fine lines, restore damaged tissues, moisture the skin and make it soft and elastic. Bisphosphonates also have an effect on hair structure, keeping them healthy and good-looking.

What do the media say about bisphosphonates

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What are the medical indications to use bisphosphonates

Bisphosphonates exert positive effect on human body, and they are recommended to treat the number of serious diseases:

  • osteoporosis;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • salt accumulation;
  • hypercalcemia;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • Paget disease;
  • arthritis;
  • arthrosis;
  • periarthritis;
  • trauma caused swellings;
  • diseases of mouth, teeth and gum;
  • bone metastasis;
  • myelomatosis;
  • primary hyperparathyroidism;
  • secondary breast cancer;
  • secondary prostate cancer and others.


Being used in cosmetology, bisphosphonates are an active substance which keeps the skin young and slows down the aging process. The cosmetic products with bisphosphonates are helpful in the following cases:

  • skin aging changes;
  • metabolic disorders in skin structure;
  • excessive adipose tissue;
  • skin dryness and tightness, lack of elasticity as a result of aging process and negative external impact;
  • fragile and dry hair, hair loss.

What medical forms can bisphosphonates be produced in

In medicine bisphosphonate-based drugs are produced in the form of tablets, injections and powders for solutions.

The cosmetic and treatment products based on bisphosphonate complexes by the Rapharm company are more various:

  • creams;
  • gels;
  • ointments;
  • shampoos;

Owing to its powerful regenerative action and ability to slowdown the destructive processes in skin cells, bisphosphonates are regarded to be a substance of youth and beauty and are placed alongside such substances as hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate.

Sport creams with bisphosphonates by Repharm

Lecture on bisphosphonates usage by the Repharm company

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