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The Golden Ring Ultra Trail 2017 Trail Run in Suzdal

11 Jun 2017 г.

22-23 July 2500 athletes from around the world will take part the popular trail running Golden Ring Ultra Trail. The marathon will take place in the one-of-a-kind route in Suzdal, a historical heart of Russia. Among runners there are newcomers, famous experienced runners and a participant of Russia Record Book.

Golden Ring Ultra Trail invites participants for the third time this year. During its carrying out, the Suzdal marathon became one of the most visited trails run in Russia. The cause of its high popularity is a unique track, which goes through the rough terrain around Suzdal among more than 300 objects of cultural and historical heritage. While running the sportsmen will see some interesting ancient monuments of Russian architecture and spectacular sights. Golden Ring Ultra Trail is a competition for those, who like bright impressions and emotions, as well as movement freedom.

The main aim of the event is to make popular sports and healthy lifestyle, to attract public attention to Russian historical heritage and charity. The part of entry fees transfers into “The Daunside Up” charity fund.

Golden Ring Ultra Trail 2016

Program and participants

The Golden Ring Ultra Trail program lasts for 2 days.

22 July is a free transfer from Moscow to Suzdal. The meeting point is 2, Bulvar Entuziastov metro Ploschad Ilyicha. The Information Desk will be working during the whole day at Heliopark Hotel, 14, Korovniki, Suzdal, where you can know all the needed information, take part in the leisure activities, buy sports equipment of famous producers. Besides that, on the first day it is planned the runners briefing and participants’ conference.

23 July is a competitions day. The organizers created a variety of tracks for different kinds of runners like newcomers, professionals, veterans, teenagers and family runs with children up to 10.

There are 5 trials by 3, 10, 30, 50 and 100 km. More than 400 sportsmen from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Englang, Germany, The Czech Republic, USA etc. applied to 100 km Ultramarathon Trail Run.

Golden Ring Ultra Trail Expo Exhibition

While sportsmen compete for medals and set new records, their fans and supporters can take part in the exhibition Golden Ring Ultra Trail Expo, which the organizers will perform with the assistance of sponsors.

On this exhibition all comers can meet the trial equipment novelties and purchase them for the personal use.

The company Repharm will present its sports cosmetic line of calcium-regulating creams, which worth to pay attention to for improving marathon results as an additional means, as marathon experts claim. These creams are included to the starters kit.

22 July Igor Kurtepov, a famous marathon runner, will come forward on the Repharm stand and speak about his physical and psychological methods to prepare to the marathon run and answer the questions. By the way, he applied to the 100 km distance 23 July.

Golden Ring Ultra-Trail® 100 2016 Official Video

Golden Ring Ultra Trail 2017 tracks

All the marathon tracks are certified by International Trail Running Association ITRA in accordance with their difficulty level. The track surfaces are asphalt, earth grade, fords, rough terrains, forests, hills. All the tracks are marked with signal tape and pointers. There are arbitrators and marshals on the key points, fords are tested and safe, feeding points are available. Mobile rescue brigades work along the whole route.

Winners awarding ceremony

The winners will be defined in every race for men and women. All the prize-winners will get the cash reward, the participants get medals and tea-shorts from sponsors. All the child and teens race participants will get prizes without exception. The record holders on every distance will get special cash rewards. All the T100 finishers wil get 2 points in ITRA, that allow them to qualify on the international trials around the world.

All the participants will get prizes from the company Repharm, a sponsor of Golden Ring Ultra Trail!

Contacts of organizers

Office 5, 21 build.20 Yuzhnoportovaya str., Moscow, Russia 115088

Event Sponsorship

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