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The Sport-Marathon Trail in Nikola-Lenivets

13 Jul 2019 г.

Nikola-Lenivets is a fantastic place where the sky meets the earth with endless fields, fabulous shady forests and the peculiar art objects, which are harmonically unites with the wild nature.

The SPORT-MARAFON TRAIL has become a real adventure and a summer family trailing festival for its participants, where every athlete could easily choose the best track in the variety of distances offered by the organizers. Each distance was a unique beautiful route like an excursion into the phantasmagoric world of the largest art-park in Europe Nikola-Lenivets and the most beautiful national park Ugra.

The Repharm company has sponsored this sporting festival. Each participant of the SPORT-MARAFON TRAIL was able to try the best sport creams by Repharm, which activate the metabolic processes, allow to achieve impressive results, relieve muscle and joint discomfort, prevent rubbing in vulnerable areas and treat the salt depositing. Besides that, at the EXPO exhibition, which was held as part of the marathon, everyone could examine the broadest range of natural curative cosmetics by Repharm and purchase the products they liked.


The SPORT-MARAFON TRAIL program was scheduled for 2 days. The briefings for the athletes and the EXPO exhibition of sports brands, where Repharm and the other leading sporting producers took part, were held on 16 June. The races and the closing ceremony of the marathon were held on 17 June.

The SPORT-MARAFON TRAIL main feature was that none of the distances had technically difficult areas, windbreaks, untrodden paths, impassable swamps and deep fords. Both amateur marathon runners and experienced athletes, as well as the youngest running fans, felt comfortable here. That was a run for joy, where everyone could enjoy the spectacular landscapes and unusual art-objects.

The organizers provided 5 fabulous routes for the athletes’ choice:

  • ROTONDA – 10 km – an excellent track for the trail running beginners, which is passed mostly over the art-park territory;
  • MOEBIUS PATH – 35 km – a lucky mixture of human and nature creations. The track ran along the cultural object’s and through the most beautiful places of wild nature;
  • FIREBIRD – 56 km – a race where the participants could appreciate the beauty of the Ugra National Park. Forest and field paths, thick green foliage tent, small refreshing fords and the stunning smell of nature — all this allowed the runners to forget the city bustle completely;
  • BOBUR – 106 km – this is a real journey into another dimension and another world that fascinates, surprises, and also allows you to take a different look at life and, perhaps, to rethink the own values;
  • TНЕ SKY STORMING – KiDS (500 m) – an exciting fun race for the youngest amateurs of sporting and a healthy lifestyle.

The tracks names were similar to the names of the art-objects in Nikola-Lenivets.

The sporting creams by Repharm

For those who could not become a participant and a spectator of this beautiful race, we suggest watching a short video:

Repharm congratulates all the runners with taking part in this wonderful sporting adventure!

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The Sport-Marathon Trail in Nikola-Lenivets

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