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    What Ingredients Should Be in Teens Cosmetic Products

    13 Jul 2019 г.

    Cosmetics for teenage skin care is a specific product category, which action is aimed not only to the complex skin care, but also to solve dermal diseases like acnes, comedones, enlarged pores, oily skin. All of these conditions are more or less familiar to almost every teenager and are caused by physiological processes that occur in relation with the growth.

    The puberty lasts from 11 to 18. After normalizing the hormonal processes, the skin condition also gets back to normal, but it doesn’t mean that you should wait for acne to disappear by itself. If the teenage skin doesn’t get the proper care, the consequences can be serious and, worst of all, difficult to repair. Inattentive attitude may provoke the acne growth and possible scars appearance.


    What substances should the teenage cosmetics include

    Proper care and good cosmetics are the main weapon in the struggle against acne. This is why the proper cosmetics choice is worth paying the closest attention. In this case you should use natural medicinal cosmetic products from the proven manufacturers. As a rule, medical cosmetic products are sold in the pharmacies, where its quality and appropriate certification, terms and conditions of storage can be guaranteed. The most preferred and effective ingredients in creams, lotions, tonics and masks for teens are the following:

    • extracts of calendula, chamomile, aloe vera to smoothen irritated skin and provide it with the antiseptic and antibacterial effect;
    • d-panthenol to heal inflammation and soften skin;
    • salicylic and boric acid, potassium alum, cyclomethicone, castor oil to absorb excess sebum, regulate the sebaceous glands, narrow the enlarged pores;
    • peach and grape seed oils to nourish skin without clogging the pores;
    • peptides to regulate the cellular metabolism, restore damaged cells, prevent the appearance of inflammation.

    Natural cosmetics for teens by Repharm

    • PepTeens Teen’s Peptide Gel for Acne-Prone Skin, 50 ml

      $ 4.48
    • PepTeens Teen’s Peptide Shampoo for Boys, 200 ml

      $ 4.62
    • PepTeens Teen’s Peptide Shampoo for Girls, 200 ml

      $ 4.62

    What components should not be in the teen’s cosmetics

    Examining the composition of teens cosmetics, remember that some ingredients can be dangerous and make the situation worse:

    • petrolatum breaches the way of intracellular metabolic processes in skin;
    • sodium lauryl sulfate exhausts water balance;
    • parabens provoke allergic reactions;
    • triclosan has an effective antibacterial effect, but destroys friendly microflora together with pathogenic bacteria;
    • colorings provoke allergies;
    • alkaline and alcohol base enhances sebum secretion.

    The base of the Repharm PepTeens products composition is natural ingredients that are effective and safe. The PepTeens line products are developed by Repharm scientists, patented and tested in clinical trials and in practical use.

    The natural teens cosmetics by Repharm

    • PepTeens Teen’s Peptide Shower Gel for Boys, 200 ml

      $ 4.48
    • PepTeens Teen’s Peptide Shower Gel for Girls, 200 ml

      $ 4.48
    • PepTeens Teen’s Peptide Face Wash, 150 ml

      $ 4.75
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