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What creams can prevent salt depositing

1 Jun 2017 г.

Salt depositing is generally caused by metabolic disfunction, which results in salting and in some organs and parts of the body.

This entails the outbreak of such diseases as kidney stone disease and cholelithiasis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, rheumatism and others. Bur the most common consequence of salt depositing is podagra, which affects the joints. During the disease progression the form of joint and the surrounding tissues become distorted, which causes pain and limited mobility. This can end up in total joint immobility.


What are the reasons of salt depositing?

There is only reason in salts depositing is the mineral metabolic disorder, which is caused by the following factors:

  • unhealthy dieting, consuming of fat and spicy food;
  • overeating;
  • bad habits;
  • lack of physical activity;
  • overweight;
  • joints traumas;
  • regular heavy physical activity;
  • long-term use of some medicines (diuretics);
  • kidney, liver, gastrointestinal diseases;
  • age-related slowdown of metabolism.

It’s a popular misconception that salting affects only people over 50. This age is a high-risk group, indeed, but this disorder attacks younger people as well.

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How to prevent the salt depositing

This disorder needs the long-term treatment depending on its stage. If you belong to the risk group or you if you have noticed any symptoms of this disease, like nagging pain or crunch in joints, you should focus on its preventing. The preventive measures are based on simple actions:

  • take exercises at least once a week;
  • do short exercises during breaks from work 5-10 minutes every 1,5 hours at a sedentary lifestyle;
  • drinking 2 liters of pure water every day;
  • rejection or restriction of fat, smoked, salty, fried food;
  • prevent overweight;
  • use treatment creams and ointments.


What cream helps to prevent salt depositing

Treatment creams and ointments need regular use to treat and prevent the salt depositing. The body cream Repharm AKSINIA Са-INTERACTIVE proved itself to be an effective treating and preventive cosmetic product.

The main active ingredient in this cream is a bisphosphonate complex, which regulates cellular mineral metabolism and prevents salt depositing and crystallizing. Succinic and citric acids give a boost to this action being metabolic activators. Chamomile and marigold extracts soothe and have an antibacterial effect. Besides that, this cream’s formula helps to slowdown cellular aging processes and to moisturize and soften the skin.

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