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How can body cream increase the endurance of marathon runner?

13 Aug 2017 г.

Special medicinal cosmetic products for muscles and joints should always be in a first aid kit of every marathon runner. The creams of this group can be used not only to eliminate the consequences of muscle tension caused by physical and sports activity, but also to increase the endurance of athletes, to improve their performance either in training or competition.


How do medicinal cosmetic creams help athletes

A good treating cosmetic cream has a wide range of properties:

  • prevention of muscle system and joints’ traumatizing: this product makes the muscles more elastic and decreases the risks of their lesions;
  • warming up the muscles before training or competition;
  • prevention of cricks;
  • improving of blood circulation: these creams enhance thermal exchange; the blood filling of tissues is caused by the increased capillary permeability;
  • prevention of congestion in the musculoskeletal system;
  • prevention of such diseases as salt deposit, arthritis, arthrosis, etc.;
  • prevention of premature wearing out of cartilaginous and bone tissues;
  • lowering of pain threshold at physical exercises and potential traumas;
  • removing of edema;
  • regeneration of damaged tissues;
  • anti-inflammatory action.

Creams for active life by Repharm

  • KSIGEL CA-CONTROL Rosemary Calcium Body Cream

    330 руб.

How to use special medicinal cosmetic products

Regular and correct use of medicinal cosmetic products can bring more pronounced effect. Apply these creams before each training and competition on the body areas, which are the most exposed to rigorous exercise.

If the joints and muscles get injured, apply the cream on the damaged area additionally twice a day for several weeks.

The specific features of medicinal cosmetic products and their difference from treating gels and ointment is that they don’t have contra indications and can be used for an unlimited period.


 Creams for active life by Repharm

The Repharm company developed a series of multi-purpose medicinal cosmetic products specially for professional and recreational athletes. These products are clinically tested, received a high appraisal not only from experts, but also from famous athletes. Among these products are – cream for active living Ca-VITACTIVE, KSIgel Calcium-control with rosemary, body cream KSIcream Calcium-control. These creams have well balanced formula with natural ingredients, which efficiently increase the endurance of osteoarticular and muscles system during intensive physical loading, prevent the development of joints diseases and treat them. Among their active ingredients is a unique calcium-regulating bisphosphonate complex, which normalizes metabolism in bones and joints on a cellular level, eliminates discomfort after strenuous activity, removes salts.

Bisphosphonic Products Joints and Bones Treatment Skin Care

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