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    How Does Royal Moisturizing Body Cream Work?

    27 Aug 2017 г.

    The moisturizing is a process that skin needs first of all to be healthy, bouncy and elastic. You should remember that not only face skin but entire body skin needs skincare. Regular use of the special cosmetic products after shower, bathing, water pool and especially after tanning on the beach or in the sunbed can prevent body skin from dryness, tightness or exfoliating.


    What should moisturizing body cream contain?

    Among the common cosmetic ingredients, the most beneficial ones are the following:

    • It can bend and keep moisture from the air and also can create the protective lipid barrier to reduce TEWL;
    • Hyaluronic Acid. It is one of the most effective skin moisturizers. One molecule of Hyaluronic Acid can bend hundreds of water molecules;
    • Vitamins B5 for the skin nourishing that is water-soluble and capable of penetrating the deepest skin layers. Tocopherol is also beneficial for nourishing; it bends free radicals and reduces aging.
    • Essential oils have multifunctional use, they moisturize skin, relax, regenerate and nourish. The most beneficial are olive oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, argan and jojoba oils etc.

    Moisturizing body cream Royal by Repharm

    • 5 Oils Royal Body Cream for Swimmers, 150 ml

      820 руб.

    Moisturizing body cream Royal and its benefits

    Body cream after bathing, shower and swimming Royal by Repharm is a natural cosmetic product with a balanced formula, which passed through the medical trials and gained lots of perfect responses from experts and customers.

    Royal body cream is designed for intensive skin nourishing and moisturizing and recommended for preventing dryness, tightness and exfoliating. This cream boosts suntan, moisturizes and nourishes irritated skin. It is recommended for use after water pool, sunbed or beach.

    There are natural herbal components in this cream’s composition like oils of coconut, argan and jojoba, almond, mandarin, lemon, juniper and shea butter make skin more elastic and bouncier. Caffeine improves skin tone and boosts lymph drainage, bisphosphonates regulate intracellular metabolic processes, restoring damaged skin and reducing aging.

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    How Does Royal Moisturizing Body Cream Work?

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    The moisturizing is a process that skin needs first of all to be healthy,...

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