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Why Calcium-Regulating Cosmetics Is Needed?

29 Aug 2017 г.

Calcium is one of the key minerals of our body. First of all, it regulates the health state of bone and muscle tissue. For women, this element is especially important, as the beauty of hair, nails and skin largely depends on this element. In addition, the role of calcium metabolic processes is very important for maintaining normal weight and solution of weight loss issues.


Why is calcium useful for the human body?

In addition to the above-mentioned functions, calcium implements a great list of important tasks:

  • participates in blood clotting processes;
  • responsible for normal muscular activity;
  • produces important biocatalysts;
  • responsible for the correct secretion of hormones;
  • provides the optimal functioning of nervous system, etc.

As a rule, the construction of bone tissue, for which calcium is responsible, lasts up to 30 years. Then this process starts to decrease. Already after 35 years, each person due to the age-related changes loses up to one percent of the total calcium amount each year. The situation is significantly aggravated by harmful addictions, unbalanced diet, and sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, nowadays, even young people suffer from calcium deficiency and its consequences.


What are the consequences of improper calcium metabolism?

First of all, the calcium deficiency or its improper metabolism affects the health of bones and joints and as a result, people suffer from such diseases as osteoporosis, osteochondrosis, accumulation of salts, etc. In addition, our skin suffers significantly; it becomes flabby and lifeless, prone to the progression of wrinkles.

In case of calcium decrease in blood, the blood clotting ability, blood pressure, normal functioning of the brain, muscle activity, informational intercellular exchange, and digestion of many nutritional agents are disturbed. In addition, the calcium metabolism disorder can lead to excess weight and obesity.

Calcium-regulating products of Repharm Company

  • KSIGEL CA-CONTROL Rosemary Calcium Body Cream

    440 руб.

How to replenish calcium deficiency in the body?

Healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition play the leading role in the normal functioning of calcium metabolic processes. Not everyone can succeed in it. Modern medicine and cosmetology offer a number of effective products that help not only in the treatment of diseases related to calcium metabolism disorders, but also in their prevention. First of all, these are specialized food supplements and vitamin complexes.

Skin care calcium-regulating products of local application are a new effective direction of modern cosmetology. These creams and balms are based on natural calcium metabolism regulators – bisphosphonate complexes, which are used for the prevention and treatment of various negative effects related to calcium metabolic disorders. The products are effective in the treatment and prevention of neuralgic diseases, in case of accumulation of salts, pain in muscles and joints of various nature, osteoporosis, osteochondrosis and many others.

Repharm Company provides a series of patented therapeutic and cosmetic calcium-regulating products based on bisphosphonates, which have passed long-term clinical tests and have proven their effectiveness in practical application. These are body creams Ca-VITACTIVE, KSI gel Ca-control, KSI cream Ca-control.

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