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    How does peptide cream for pepper thermomassage work

    31 May 2017 г.

    Protein, collagen, keratin, elastin are natural substances well-known in cosmetology. They have been used for a long time and have positive effect on the skin. Peptides is a relatively new substance in beauty therapy, but already a very popular one.


    How do peptides differ from proteins

    Proteins and peptides have common structure. They both are chains of amino acids, but they only differ by the size of these chains. Peptide link consists of not more than 10 amino acids. Protein chain is much bigger – it may consist of hundreds of amino acids. It is the size of these substances that makes them differ.

    Being a part of protein, amino acids can hardly get into the skin because of their size. The size of peptides is much smaller and they can easily get deeply into the skin layers thus making positive effects. Besides that, peptide chains are very stable, while lots of proteins may lose their health-promoting properties as creams compound.


    How do peptides work

    Cosmetic products consisting of peptides help to correct physiological changes and rejuvenate cells. Peptides have the following influence on the human’s body:

    • maintain the necessary speed of stem cells division;
    • help the cells maturation;
    • control the required number of enzymes and receptors in cell;
    • increase the intracellular system activity;
    • enhance the cells viability.

    Peptide series creams by Repharm

    • Peptidele Anti-Cellulite Peptide Cream

      € 7.70
    • PEPKSICREAM CA-CONTROL Calcium Body Cream

      € 6.82
    • 90-60-90 Anti-Cellulite Cream with Essential Oils

      € 3.52

    How do peptides help the skin

    The suitable peptide complex being a cream ingredient has unique properties and serves many purposes:

    • stimulates collagen synthesis;
    • burns fat;
    • protects collagen fibers from damage;
    • unwrinkles the skin;
    • moisturizes;
    • tightens the skin;
    • fights serious structural skin changes (stretch marks, scars and others);
    • lifts facial contours;
    • improves blood microcirculation;
    • removes excess of moisture;
    • slows down the aging processes.

    What is a peptide cream for pepper thermomassage

    Cream Pepper Thermomassage with peptides by Repharm is an effective cosmetic product to fight with cellulite and fat deposits. It has passed clinical trials and received very positive feedback. This cream contains well-balanced complex of natural ingredients: extracts of pepper and nettle, rosemary, ginger and eucalyptus essential oils. The main active ingredient is peptide complex, which stimulates metabolic and regenerative processes in skin, improves blood microcirculation, reduces fat deposit and cellulite. Besides all that, this cosmetic product warms up the skin, relieves stress and fatigue, lifts the skin, make it elastic and tight.

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