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    Best Baby Cream for Nourishing and Moisturizing

    4 Sep 2017 г.

    There are probably no such soft cosmetic products as baby cosmetics, that’s why some women use baby creams for the face skincare. Of course, baby creams won’t solve any specific skin issues, but there is a wide range of skin condition, which baby cream is capable to solve successfully.


    Why baby cream can be useful for woman?

    Usual baby cosmetic’s benefits are the following:

    • Hypoallergic formula;
    • The composition contains only natural and safe ingredients;
    • Suitable even for a very sensitive skin.


    Baby creams can provide adults’ skin with some beneficial features:

    • Make it soft and velvety;
    • Deeply nourish;
    • Lift skin and improve its elasticity;
    • Relax irritated skin, reduce inflammations and redness;
    • Protect prom negative weather influence like cold wind, frost, extreme temperature, sun exposure;
    • Reduce acne;
    • Prevent stretching signs and reduce existed ones;
    • Cosmetic masks with baby cream can remove unwanted pigmentation.

    Baby creams by Repharm

    • Baby Cream with Peach Kernel Oil, 50 g

      € 2.30
    • Baby Oil with Peach Kernel Oil, 200 ml

      € 4.60

    Baby cream composition and its application on the adult’s skin

    Number of ingredients in the baby creams is usually limited because of the baby skin specificity. The smaller number of the ingredients, the less the allergic risk. Common ingredients in baby cream are the following:

    • Natural oils like olive oil, peach kernel oil, cocoa butter that deeply nourish skin, moisturize and create a protective layer;
    • Lanolin, glycerin and bees wax reduce TEWL;
    • Antiseptic herbal extracts of chamomile, calendula and hypericum reduce irritations, relax skin;
    • Panthenol, allantoin and Zinc Oxide heals damaged skin.


    Thus, women with the dry skin can use baby cream for moisturizing, as a relaxing product for sensitive skin, for reducing inflammations, redness, irritations and for healing. Baby cream can be also useful as a nourishing mask. Remember, though, that baby cream can be used as an option, not a basic skincare product.

    The baby cream with peach kernel oil by Russian cosmetic manufacturer Repharm gained lots of perfect responses. This cream has a balanced formula for baby skincare. This cream is hypoallergic and is recommended for use by the leading children’s centers in Russia.

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