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Peptide Gel for Teenage Problem Skin

22 Sep 2017 г.

When on the adolescent body serious hormonal changes take place, it can result in very unpleasant problems – the skin reacts to the hormonal changes with rashes, oily sheen, blackheads, irritation and acne. By the way, it often affects the mood of young people as it results in self-distrust and rejection of their appearance. In such situation, the proper skin care can significantly improve the situation, and in some cases, eliminate all problems at once.

What are the peculiarities of teenage skin?

Hormonal changes of the teenager body starts from 12 to 17, the body is completely rebuilt from its child state to an adult one. At the same time, the hormonal background changes greatly, that is why the skin greatly reacts to all these changes with the following presentations:

  • the number of sebaceous glands increases;
  • their activity increases, it leads to the appearance of oily sheen and increased oily skin;
  • enlarged pores;
  • a large number of blackheads;
  • acne, abscesses, pimples, milia.

This problem does not concern some teenagers at all, someone gets off with minor single pimples, but some teenagers have to think how to get rid of these symptoms of adult life. The following factors can only aggravate the situation:

  • gastrointestinal diseases;
  • unbalanced diet with the use of great amount of sweet, fatty, fried, salty, fast foods;
  • stressful situations, which very often happen at this age;
  • weaken immune system;
  • wrong selected cosmetics for skin care;
  • abuse of decorative cosmetics, which clogs pores and provokes acne;
  • squeezing out pimples.
Подростковый гель для проблемной кожи с пептидами PepTeens Рефарм

How to care properly for teenage skin

The teenage skin care includes a great range of measures, from nutrition to cosmetics. It is not so difficult if you do it regularly. Here are the basic skin care rules for problem teenage skin:

  • Drink more clean water, from 1.5 to 2 liters per day; it speeds up the metabolism;
  • Eat at least one fresh fruit or vegetable every day;
  • Try to reduce the amount of fast food;
  • Get rid of harmful addictions;
  • Take multivitamins several times per year;
  • In no case squeeze out pimples;
  • Try to avoid tinting cream and powder, especially during periods when you have rashes;
  • Scrub can aggravate the situation, as it damages sensitive skin; do not use it;
  • Use a toner after washing, it will dry the skin and relieve inflammation. You can pick up a product that contains little alcohol;
  • Use special and complex products for teenage skin care.

Pay more attention to skin cleansing. A large amount of dirt can get into the enlarged pores, which clogs them thoroughly, so you cannot clean them with water, it is better to use a special gel or foam for problem skin. It is important that they should be free of soap and alcohol.

Fruit acids are perfect for such tasks. Products with herbal extracts, providing wound-healing and antiseptic effects, have proven themselves in taking care of problem teenage skin. These are calendula, chamomile and tickseed.

Подростковый гель для проблемной кожи с пептидами PepTeens Рефарм

What products can be used for teenage skin

If you want to get rid of skin rashes, you can use special creams, gels or ointments for acne treatment. They usually contain erythromycin and zinc, which struggle against bacteria. In such case, the main attention should be paid to the choice of a daily cream, as it is entrusted with the most responsible task of teenage skin care.

Peptide creams and gels are effective products solving many problems of teenage problem skin. They provide a comprehensive skin care and regulate metabolic processes at the cellular level. Nowadays, peptide cosmetics are very popular due to the unique properties of amino acids.

In their turn, peptides solve the following tasks:

  • regulate blood circulation;
  • regulate oxygen exchange;
  • reduce pores and regulate sebum secretion;
  • relieve inflammation;
  • provide antiseptic effect and struggle against bacteria;
  • heal skin lesions;
  • improve skin immunity;
  • struggle against harmful environmental effects.

Cream with peptides not only effectively eliminates acne, but also regulates, restores internal skin processes and thus struggle against the main causes of its appearance.

Teenage gel for problem skin with peptides PepTeens

Where to buy cream with peptides for teenage skin

The catalog of Repharm Company provides a wide range of natural creams and gels for various purposes. Scientists have developed an effective gel with peptides especially for problem teenage skin PepTeens. This product belongs to the category of skin care products; it has passed clinical trials and received the reviews of specialists in cosmetology and medicine. The efficacy of PepTeens was also highly appreciated by teenagers themselves.

The gel will suit even for sensitive skin. It has a light texture and is quickly absorbed, as it is very important in the problem teenage skin care. The product composition is carefully balanced and contains the most necessary elements: peptides, extracts of calendula, chamomile, aloe vera, d-panthenol, essential oils of grape seed and lemon. The gel effectively removes sebum and oily sheen, reduces and cleanses pores, heals acne and prevents its appearance, regulates metabolism, protects against harmful environmental effect. At the same time, PepTeens is much cheaper than foreign analogues and many other products of this category.

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