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Face Creams to Protect Skin from Wind and Frost

25 Aug 2017 г.

The face skin care is usually confined to 3 basic procedures: cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing, but sometime the other valuable factor comes into play, sometimes face skin needs protection, especially during the stress seasons like summer and winter. Such harmful factors like UV-radiation and heat at summer season or frost, wind and dry air in winter can develop skin exfoliating, cracking, redness, dryness and lead to the skin aging and premature wrinkle appearance.


Why should you protect your face skin?

Skin surface has a natural protection that can fail under pressure of the extreme weather conditions. Skin needs support and protective cosmetics can help; its use is indicated for every skin type. The summer protective face creams protect from UV-radiation using SPF, the winter protective creams have a much wider range of usage like the following:

  • Improve skin immunity;
  • Protect face skin from polluted and dirt air in big cities;
  • Restore the water-oil balance;
  • Strengthen blood vessels and capillaries;
  • Slow down aging;
  • Protect face skin from the extreme temperatures;
  • Deeply nourishing face skin.

Protective face cosmetics by Repharm

What ingredients should be in protective cosmetics

The most effective ingredients in the composition of the protective skin creams are animal fats, lanoline and vaseline, which can protect face skin from the harsh temperature and wind. The hero components are soothing and healing components because in winter skin is prone to cracking and crusting. Among them there are aloe vera, calendula, chamomile, hypericum, yarrow. The essential oils of tea tree, buckthorns, rose hips and cedar perfectly deals with the skin protection and its nourishing. Sodium Hyaluronate and peptides moisturize and boost the intracellular metabolism.

Russian cosmetic manufacturer Repharm created a series of cosmeceutical products for the face skin protection and skincare in the harsh weather conditions. The peptide lip balsam prevents the lips cracking, nourishes, regenerates and healing. Face cream with the natural mink fat protects face skin from the extremely low temperatures, prevents aging signs occurring and make skin bouncy and elastic. The Polar ointment is specially designed for the skin protection from frost and sea water. It soothes dry and rough skin, heal cracks, removes irritations and swellings.

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