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    How To Make Lipstick At Home

    17 Jun 2018 г.

    Making lipstick at home is a simple process, which has some easy stages and doesn’t need much time and money. Everyone can make their own lipstick from natural ingredients of a wide range of colors and features like nourishing, moisturizing, protecting etc.


    What are the ingredients to make lipstick

    There are lots of homemade lipstick recipes, you can combine some of them at your own discretion, but the basic composition is commonly the following:

    • Waxes or butters like beeswax, candelilla wax, carnauba wax, palm wax or shea butter, cocoa butter etc. This is a solid base of your lipstick.
    • Essential oils like green tea oil, peach oil or jojoba, some capsule vitamins which should bring the shining, nourishing and moisturizing.
    • Natural pigments for coloring: cinnamon, cocoa powder, turmeric or beetroot.
    • Flavorings.

    Normal consistency is about 30% wax, 40% butters and 30% essential oils, but it may vary.


    The stages of lipstick manufacturing process

    For the lipstick making you will need some tools:

    • Kitchenware for melting waxes and butters;
    • Dose-measuring devises and syringe;
    • Wooden spoon for stirring;
    • Lipstick molds or its substitute or containers;

    The manufacturing technology is the same for every recipe:

    • Preparing and measuring ingredients;
    • Melting wax, butters and basic oils (don’t let them boil);
    • Adding essential oils, vitamins, pigments, flavorings etc., stirring;
    • Filing in lipstick molds or containers with the syringe or spoon;
    • Solidification in the fridge and placing sticks in the tubes.

    Where to buy lipstick manufacturing equipment

    You can see, that all the needed equipment for making the lipstick is available on every kitchen. You just have to pay attention to lipstick molds and tubes. This is not obligatory for the own use, but for sale.

    The company Repharm offers not only wide range of cosmetics, but the equipment for the lipstick manufacturing of its own design. Compact lipstick molds capacity is 136 pieces that enough for home making and for business manufacturing.


    Repharm lipstick mold’s advantages:

    • The mold’s quality is not inferior to it alternatives but costs much less;
    • Our molds designed using our experience of lipstick and chapstick manufacturing and has a good producing performance;
    • The molds have low weight and compact size that allow to put it into the fridge;
    • High lustre molds polishing allows to produce lipsticks of highest quality as automatic lines do.

    Using one mold you can produce 136 lipstick an hour or 1088 lipsticks a day.

    Lipstick producing

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