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What Are Useful Components of Baby Сream?

25 Sep 2017 г.

The choice of baby cream should be carried out with all responsibility and caution. As in such case, there is a fine line between the notions to help and to harm. The baby skin is very sensitive to any external and internal changes. It requires additional intensive moisture replenishment and protection, as it is not yet able to cope with these tasks. The skin metabolic processes are functioning imperfectly, the lipid layer is not well-formed, and the immune system is poorly developed.

Dry air, high or low temperatures, contact with hard water, with clothes, allergic reactions can immediately cause the chafing, redness, rashes and irritations. For an adult, such factors bring only slight discomfort, but a baby experiences severe itching, burning and pain. Correctly selected baby cream can become not only a salvation, but also a panacea in solution of all these problems. However, at the same time, a poor-quality product or an aggressive component composition of the cream can provide the opposite effect and aggravate the situation.


What factors to pay attention to when choosing a baby cream

If you remember a few simple rules when choosing a baby cream, then this task will not be as difficult as it may seem. The component composition of baby cream should be represented by a limited list of components; there should not be many of them. In such case, the less is the better. Thus, you minimize the risk of allergic reactions and, accordingly, the possible harm that an improperly selected product can cause.

The list of components should be natural or predominantly natural. The dangers of chemical elements have been already mentioned several times and there is no need to dwell on them again. Speaking about sensitive baby skin, this factor is especially relevant.

Thus, there are only two simple rules – natural composition and short list of components. The check of the expiration date and container closure integrity are an axiom. At the same time, do not forget about the individual peculiarities of the baby skin. In some cases, even the most useful chamomile and calendula can cause allergic reactions; thus, before using any product, it is recommended to implement an allergy test: apply small amount of cream on the baby wrist and wait for 40-60 minutes. If there is no irritation, redness and rashes, then you can easily use this product.

Baby care products of Repharm Company

What components the baby cream should contain

The most useful elements of baby cream are the following:

Plant essential oils and natural fats

  • mink and badger fats: hypoallergenic natural elements that effectively nourish skin and protect against external negative factors;
  • olive oil: has rich nutrient content and high concentration of vitamins A and E, which are necessary for sensitive baby skin;
  • peach, apricot, grape seed, wheat germ oils: soften and soothe the skin, launch the cell regeneration process, moisturize the skin.


Extracts of medical plants

  • chamomile, tickseed: relieve irritation and inflammation, have antiseptic and wound-healing effects;
  • sage, lavender, coltsfoot: soothe irritated skin, nourish, soften, prevent dryness;
  • calendula: provides anti-inflammatory effect, saturates with a large amount of vitamins and useful substances;
  • nettle: provides antiseptic and bactericidal effects.


Important components

  • zinc: provides drying effect, prevents the progression of miliary fever and chafing;
  • D-panthenol: softens, moisturizes and heals;
  • glycerin: moisturizes, creates a protective barrier against external negative factors;
  • beeswax: heals injuries and micro-cracks, softens the skin.

Baby cream by Repharm with peach and grape seed oils has a natural, balanced composition of the most useful and safe components for baby skin. It is produced for comprehensive care. The product moisturizes, nourishes delicate baby skin, provides antiseptic and bactericidal effects, and prevents irritations, redness and chafing. The cream has hypoallergenic composition; it has passed all necessary clinical trials and is recommended for use by the leading baby medical centers all over the country.

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