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    What Are Best Moisturizing Nourishing Body Creams

    3 Sep 2017 г.

    Nourishing and moisturizing are the main processes of the proper skincare, which are both valuable for the face and body skin. Women should remember about it. Skin is prone to both external and internal influence and the most common problem is its dryness that can lead to untimely aging and fading.


    The dry skin specificity

    While oil glands functioning normally, the skin sebum creates a hydrolipid barrier around the entire body surface excluding some specific areas. This barrier balances TEWL and bend moisture inside the skin depth.

    This process is very vulnerable and can be broken by negative internal influence. Damaged hydrolipid barrier can’t deal with the skin protection so skin loses on water, gets dry, cracked, exfoliated and sometimes inflamed and irritated. This can cause unpleasant feeling and vulnerability over pathogenic bacteria. That is why use of the perfect moisturizing cream is co crucial, it can prevent skin hydration disbalance and support the natural skin rejuvenation process.


    Why body skin gets dry?

    There are some common reasons for skin to get dry:

    • Insufficient liquid use;
    • Hot bathing with detergents that can dissolve the lipid barrier;
    • Changing usual water type, for example, due to the moving, vacation, visiting water pool etc.;
    • Using inappropriate cosmetic products;
    • Allergic reaction of different kind: food, climatic, stress;
    • Metabolic disorders;
    • UV radiation;
    • External organ diseases.

    Royal body cream for swimmers by Repharm

    • 5 Oils Royal Body Cream for Swimmers

      820 руб.

    Which moisturizing and nourishing cream to choose?

    Good cosmetic product for the body skincare can completely exclude the negative external influence consequences and reduce possible following skin dryness. The beneficial ingredients in this kind of cream are usually natural oils which support the needed moisture level, take care of the body skin, nourish skin with vitamins and microelements, make skin bouncy and elastic, prevent stretching and aging signs.

    Royal cream for swimmers by Repharm with 5 oils in composition has a pleasant structure, is easy-to-apply and provide skin with a perfect skincare. This cream supports the natural lipid balance, removes dryness, tightness and exfoliating and reduces negative influence of the sun, sea and water pool water.

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