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How to choose a foot care cream

19 Jul 2017 г.

Some women pay much attention to their face and hands, but, unfortunately, forget that their feet require attention and care, as well. Cracked or calloused heels are able to destroy the positive impression of a thought-out look and ideal make-up. Regular use of a good foot care cream and foot soaking at home can help your feet look nice and well-cared-for.


How does a foot cream work

A good cosmetic or medicinal product can provide skin with total and multifunctional care. A suitable cream can remove cracks, skin dryness, sweatiness, prevent clavuses, reduce fatigue, swelling, etc. Here is a list of foot care products actions:

  • bactericidal and anti-inflammatory — neutralize action of bacteria, which cause inflammation, skin diseases and defects;
  • softening — prevents callousness, corns, cracks and clavuses formation;
  • exfoliating — activates cells regeneration;
  • anti-edema and cooling — relives fatigue, improves blood circulation, which can be disturbed by vigorous exercises or during sedentary job;
  • regulates perspiration and removes bad odour.


What are the kinds of foot care creams

A suitable foot cream selection depends on the main problem you want to solve. This can be a fight against cracks, skin dryness, excessive perspiration, etc. There exist several kinds of foot care products, according to their main function:

  • creams against cracks. Their action is based on intensive skin moisturizing and nourishing. Besides that, the creams of this category have a wound-healing effect. The most powerful and efficient ingredients to solve this problem are vitamins A and E, natural oils, panthenol, extracts of aloe vera and horsetail, glycerin, hyaluronic acid;
  • crams against excessive perspiration. Excessive sweating causes not only bad odour, but also the appearance of harmful microorganisms, which may cause infectious and fungus diseases. Antiperspirant foot creams regulate excessive sweating, neutralize bad odour and fight bacteria. The creams of this category should contain menthol, peppermint, tea tree oil;
  • creams fighting fatigue and edema — freshen, soothe, normalize blood circulation, strengthen blood vessels. Peppermint, menthol, lavender oil cope with these tasks perfectly;
  • creams against corns and clavuses. The main function of the creams in this category is softening of the skin and slow-down of keratinous layer development. Natural oils, panthenol, glycerin help to solve these problems.

Foot creams by Repharm

What ingredients should an effective foot cream contain

The other effective ingredients in various foot creams formula are the following:

  • calendula and chamomile extracts — have antiseptic and soothing action;
  • horsetail and horse chestnut extracts — strengthen blood vessels, relieve edema;
  • green tea extract — has antiseptic, deodorizing and antioxidant effect;
  • ascorbic, succinic and apple acids — reduce edema and inflammation, have phytoncidal effect;
  • absinthe extract — heals micro cracks, reduces edema and inflammation.

Dermatological and foot care cream by Repharm has a well-balanced mixture of natural ingredients, and also a unique bisphosphonate complex, which regenerates skin metabolism on cellular level and makes it soft and elastic. This cosmetic product is registered and proved its high efficiency in practical use.

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