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    Moisturizing Body Cream with Peptides

    22 Sep 2017 г.

    According to statistics, first of all, women take care of their faces, then of their hands and legs, and almost no one mentions the body care during the polls. Even an expensive body cream purchased for daily care can stay on the bathroom shelf for a long time until it reaches its expiration date.

    However, the body skin is not much different from the face skin. It also undergoes age-related changes, negative internal processes; it also becomes dry in winter and suffers from ultraviolet light in summer. Therefore, a good body cream not only moisturizes and nourishes the skin, makes it elastic and velvety, it also implements much more serious tasks.

    What tasks does the body cream implement?

    The most important thing of skin care is moistening, as your skin constantly requires it, due to the fact that it consists of 70% water. Thus, in case of moisture loss you will experience not only external dryness, but also disorder of internal metabolic processes. Dry skin can cause the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers that control the skin elasticity, making it look flabby and aged. The moisturizing cream will help maintain skin youth and elastic improving the metabolism and production of hyaluronic acid, which maintains the required level of moisture and prevents moisture evaporation.

    However, there are many other benefits of body creams. The quality cream implements the following tasks:

    • Regulates metabolic processes and preserves its youth;
    • Protects from the environmental negative effects;
    • Fills the skin with essential nutritional agents;
    • Helps to restore damaged skin cells;
    • Removes toxins and slags from the subdermis;
    • Prevents the appearance of subcutaneous fat and helps to maintain good shape.
    Крем для тела увлажняющий Рефарм

    What is the composition of the moisturizing body cream?

    Choosing the body cream, we recommend you to pay attention to its components, as it is the most important thing to which you should pay attention before purchase. The result of cream efficacy will depend on how correctly you understand its composition and what functions each element implements.

    The most effective elements are the following:

    • Glycerin: has the unique ability to collect moisture and retain it in the deep skin layers;
    • Hyaluronic acid: can create a protective barrier from moisture evaporation, fills skin with the required amount of moisture, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin controlling skin youth and beauty;
    • Peptides: are chains of amino acids penetrating into the deepest skin layers and regulating metabolism, they remove fatty compounds, keep the skin young, maintain a high level of skin moisture;
    • Bisphosphonates are unique elements regulating calcium metabolism at the cellular level and saving the skin elasticity and smoothing;
    • Vitamins: vitamins of B5, E, and A groups are most suitable for skin moisturizing. They have light composition, thus, they are quickly absorbed into the skin and saturate it with moisture, and they also protect against free radicals, slowing down the aging processes;
    • Essential oils: saturate the skin with essential nutritional agents, soften it, prevent dryness and act as powerful moisturizers. Among the most effective are olive oil, eucalyptus oil, cocoa butter, argan oil, shea butter, and tea tree oil.

    Moisturizing body cream PEPKSICREAM by Repharm

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    Which moisturizing cream to choose

    According to the above-mentioned information, the best cream is the cream, which predominantly has natural composition. Such cream will not only ensure the implementation of all necessary care tasks, but will also take care of the skin. Creams with natural composition provide deep long-lasting effect regulating the internal metabolic processes.

    The local manufacturer of high-quality medical phytocosmetics, the Institute of Pharmaceutical Reagents, Repharm Company provides a wide range of natural medical and cosmetic products for the care of the face, hands, feet and body skin. The cream with peptides Pepksicream Ca-control has received a great number of positive reviews. The cream has the unique composition: peptide compounds struggle against aging processes, remove toxins and slags; bisphosphonates regulate metabolism at the cellular level; extracts of pepper and camphor split fat accumulations and remove them from the body; vitamin complexes and essential oils saturate the skin with useful substances and minor-nutrient elements. Pepksicream Ca-control not only creates the required level of moistening and nutrition, but also prevents the progression of wrinkles and sagging skin, helps to correct the figure, struggles against excess weight and cellulite. In addition, the peptides help to relax the muscles and eliminate their tension. The cream has a light texture, is well applied and absorbed quickly, and does not leave marks on the clothes.

    Pepksicream Ca-control belongs to the category of curative cosmetics, which has the expert testimony in medicine and cosmetology. The cream has passed all clinical trials; its efficacy has been confirmed both during laboratory trials and in practice due to many positive reviews of our customers.

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