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    What Anti-cellulite Cream Will Suit for Massage?

    11 Oct 2017 г.

    Cellulite is one of the main cosmetological problems, which bothers modern women. While the age and complexion do not even matter. Aged women and very young girls, with excess weight or thin, are susceptible to cellulite. As rule, the ill-fated “orange peel” does not spare anyone. It appears due to the abnormality of metabolic processes under your skin. Slags, toxins, excess liquid stagnate in certain areas, creating ugly mons. In its turn, there are so many reasons for metabolic disorders. Among them are unhealthy diet, excess weight, bad habits, sedentary lifestyle, insufficient liquid intake and many others.

    There is such opinion that it is rather difficult to get rid of cellulite, thus, many people do not even start fighting against this problem. In reality, at the last progression stages, the cellulite amelioration requires increased attention and a complex of various procedures such as physical activity, massage, body wraps, and diets. However, at the initial stages, it is rather simple to deal with cellulite. The systemic use of good anti-cellulite product in combination with home massage is enough, and the positive result will not be long in coming.


    What are the effect of anti-cellulite massage cream?

    A good anti-cellulite product provides the solution to the following problems:

    • metabolism normalization;
    • dead cells splitting;
    • prevention of nodal joints formation, which, in fact, is cellulite;
    • removal of slags and toxins;
    • removal of stagnant liquid;
    • activation of blood circulation;
    • skin nutrition and hydration;
    • damaged cells regeneration.

    In combination with massage, the effect of the active components of anti-cellulite products goes into overdrive due to the activation of blood circulation.

    Anti-cellulite products of Repharm Company

    The anti-cellulite creams contain enhanced caffeine concentration to reach anti-cellulite effect. Caffeine may form whiskers, which instantly dissolve while rubbing the cream in the skin.

    • 90-60-90 Anti-Cellulite Cream with Essential Oils

      320 руб.
    • Peptidele Anti-Cellulite Peptide Cream

      700 руб.

    What are the components of the anti-cellulite products

    Modern anti-cellulite products are presented in form of creams, gels and lotions. For massage purposes, it is recommended to choose creams, as they have thicker consistency, and consist of essential oils, which increase slipping during massage. The most effective components of anti-cellulite massage cream are the following:

    • caffeine activates blood circulation, removes toxins;
    • red pepper splits fat accumulations, removes toxins and slags;
    • camphor provides a warming effect;
    • theophylline removes stagnant liquid;
    • extracts of horse chestnut, ficus, kelp increase vascular tone and skin elasticity;
    • vitamin complexes fill the skin with nutritional elements;
    • essential oils of lemon, orange and eucalyptus nourish, stimulate metabolism, moisturize;
    • peptides and amino acids remove slags and toxins, split fat accumulations, stimulate metabolism, restore damaged cells.

    The Repharm Company provides a series of natural anti-cellulite products that have passed clinical tests and proven their effectiveness in practice. Not only ordinary users, but also specialists of massage parlors recommend them. The product line is represented by such creams as “Pepper Thermo Massage”, “Peptidele”, “90-60-90”. These products consist of the most useful elements in fight against cellulite: peptides, red pepper, caffeine, camphor, vitamins and essential oils. The creams can be used as independent products in fight against cellulite, and in combination with massage and body wraps.

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